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Lady begs profusely after boyfriend who wanted to propose caught her cheating (Watch video)



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A Nigerian comedian has revealed how he caught his girlfriend cheating on him on the day he wanted to propose marriage to her.

He paid her a surprise visit in the company of his friend on Valentine’s Day to give her a gift and ask for her hand in marriage.

In a video he posted online, the comedian showed off the ring and said that his babe has been through a lot with him so she deserved it.

The young man put a call across to her and asked where she was, to which she answered that she was at home not knowing that he was outside her house.

He knocked on the gate and was informed that she went out a while ago, so he thought about tracking her phone to know her whereabouts.

The content creator called her again and she said she was at home but he revealed he was in front of her house, that was when she said she went to buy bread.

She informed him that she was coming and as he was waiting, he saw her in a car with another person and followed them to her house where he dropped her.

The boyriend calmly interrogated his babe and gave her a chance to explain but she kept insisting she only went to buy food.

He told her that he knows she was with someone and dejectedly showed her the ring he intended to propose with as well as the car he would have gifted her.

She started begging uncontrollably when she realised she had been caught but the boyfriend drove away with the car he bought for her while his friend later drove his own car.

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Watch the video below:

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