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This is Dangerous: Man Feeds Lion Food From His Mouth in Viral Video



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A brave man posted a TikTok video with a lion that raised a lot of eyebrows on the social media platform The dangerous lion was chained around its neck as the man lovingly fed it food from his hands and mouth

The clip was seen by more than 2.1 million people across the world, and many commented that his behaviour was risky 

One man’s @zakxviii close relationship with a tamed lion caused a stir online. He showed how much he trusts the wild animal and risked his life in the process. 

The animal lover posted a TikTok video of his lion’s feeding time. The man latched onto a piece of fish and prompted the lion to eat from his house mouth. He also grabbed some cooked food with his hand and the lion took ate there.


Watch Video below ;

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