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Boy Cries at His Mom’s Grave “Please come back”, What Happens Next Is Surprising



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“Aiden shivered in the cold, clutching a lily bouquet in his tiny hand in front of his mother’s grave. ‘I miss you, Mom,’ the boy sobbed to his mother. Suddenly, he was cut off by a voice from behind him. As he turned around, he was shocked.

Aidan’s mom, Adeline, left for her Eternal home when he turned six. The woman was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and she couldn’t make it for more than a few months. Six-year-old Aiden was heartbroken after Adeline left, but Edward never grieved the loss of his wife. Yes, he did shed a few tears in front of everyone at the funeral, but it didn’t take him long to bring a new woman named Lisa into his home and Aiden’s life.


As time passed, Aiden noticed Lisa becoming a permanent fixture in their lives, and she soon established a permanent space in their home. For some time, she pretended to be caring and sweet to Aiden, but once the marriage contract was signed, that avatar vanished instantly. Edward, who had at least been considerate to Aiden if not a loving father, now cared just about him and his new wife.

One day, Aiden approached his dad to ask for money for his mother Adeline’s 30th birthday that was coming up. Aiden wanted to gift her with her favorite flowers. But even before he could place his request, Lisa interrupted him, ‘What do you want now, huh?’ she said sharply. ‘Didn’t your father give you money last week?’


‘I didn’t spend it,’ Aiden admitted quietly. ‘However, I require a few more dollars. It’s my mother’s birthday, and I’d like to get her some flowers.’

Lisa rolled her eyes. ‘No one here cares about your dead mother, little boy. So, you’d better stop squandering our money like that. Got it?’

‘Please, I’m pleading with you,’ Aiden said, fighting back the tears at Lisa’s scathing remarks. ‘I’m not gonna ask for money again. This is for Mom.’

Turning to his dad, he added, ‘Dad, I promise.’


But despite his pleadings, nothing changed. Lisa is correct,’ Aiden, Edward pointed out. ‘I know you miss your mother, but squandering money like this isn’t a good idea. Plus, you know that Lisa and I are working hard to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.’

Aiden, who was clutching a photograph of his mother smiling while holding white lilies, ran out of the house crying and came to a halt in front of a flower shop. ‘I’m sorry, Mom,’ he sobbed as he gazed through the window.

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The florist noticed Aiden crying and asked what was wrong. He told her his story, including wanting to buy his mother flowers but all he had was two dollars. But that wasn’t enough, and the florist couldn’t help him.

Dejected, the boy turned to leave the store. Just then, a man offered to help him, ‘Get him whatever he wants,’ he told the florist. ‘I’ll pay for him.’

Aiden turned to the man and almost burst into tears. ‘Thank you so much. My mom will be very happy today. It’s her birthday.’


The man knelt in front of him, smiling. ‘Well, any mother would be happy to have a son like you. By the way, our choices are quite similar. I was gonna buy lilies too.’

Aiden quickly wiped his tears. ‘Are you also buying it for your mom?’

The man laughed heartily at the boy’s innocence. ‘No, young man, it’s not for my mother. It’s for someone special. I’m running out of time, otherwise, I’d have told you the whole story. Have a wonderful day.’


He shook Aiden’s hand, paid the bill, and walked away. Aiden collected the bouquet in his tiny hands, walked happily to his mother’s grave, and sat beside her. It was shivering cold, and the boy had cuddled up in a red jacket that his mom had bought for him on his last birthday. He placed the bouquet on her grave and sat there, talking to her.

‘Hope you’re doing well, Mom,’ he said. ‘You know, I was having a bad day today. I wish you were here so I could share everything with you. I’m sad that Dad didn’t even give me money for your flowers. But you know, a nice man came and helped me. He’s as nice as you are, Mom.’


Aiden’s eyes welled up with tears as he continued, ‘Do you know my friend Alex, Mom? Whenever he’s sad, he goes to his mother and talks to her about it. I wish I could do the same. Please come back, Mom. I promise I won’t trouble you. I really miss you.’

He burst into tears, but just then, he heard a voice from behind him. ‘I’m sure she misses you too.’ When he turned around, he saw the man who had assisted him at the flower shop approaching him. ‘Oh, it’s you. Are you Adeline’s son?’ The man was taken aback.

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Aiden wiped his tears and nodded his tiny head. ‘But how do you know my mom?’ he asked curiously.

‘Your mother and I were best friends, but something happened a few years ago, and we couldn’t see each other again,’ the man replied. ‘By the way, what’s your name?’

‘My name is Aiden. Won’t you tell me what your name is? I’d like to tell my mom about you,’ he said, smiling.

‘I’m William Hayden,’ William said, laughing at Aiden’s innocence. ‘However, you can call me Will.’


‘Alright, I’ll call you Uncle Will,’ Aiden said. ‘I was just telling Mom how you helped me today.’

William smiled and nodded. He had bought a cake too, so they cut the cake together, and then William drove the boy home. ‘Why don’t you come inside, Uncle Will?’ Aiden asked. ‘Mom said if someone helps you out, you should thank them and at least invite them home.’


‘Really? Then we can’t deny your mom’s request. I’ll park the car and join you. You go ahead,’ William replied.

Aiden got down from the car and walked happily towards the door, but Lisa stopped him. ‘Where have you been for so long? Is this the time to come home? Is this what your dead mother taught you?’

‘That’s none of your business,’ Aiden retorted. ‘Please move out of my way.’

‘What did you just answer back to me?’ Lisa was furious and began clenching her fists.


‘I don’t want to speak with you. You’re a horrible person!’ Aiden yelled angrily at the top of his lungs.

Lisa lost her cool and was about to raise her hand at him when William intervened. ‘Calm down, lady. Don’t even think about touching him.’

‘And who are you to intervene?’ Lisa locked her gaze on William.


‘That’s my son, and I’m free to do whatever I want with him,’ she said.

‘He is not your son. He’s my son, William screamed, his voice filled with determination. Hearing his voice, Edward dashed outside. “What in the world are you doing here, and how dare you claim Aiden as your son?”

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“Then do you want me to call the cops and arrange for a DNA test? How about it, Edward?” William locked his gaze on him.


“Huh, whatever,” Edward grumbled. “Anyway, it’s a good thing you came to get your luggage because I didn’t want to raise this little brat either.”

“Dad, why are you saying that?” Aiden burst out crying. “That’s not true! You can’t just throw me away like that!”

“That’s the truth, boy,” Edward replied callously. “I was gonna drop you off at an orphanage anyway. You’re someone else’s fault, and I don’t want to put up with you any longer.”


William took Aiden with him, and when the boy stopped crying, he told him the whole story. It turned out that William and Adeline were madly in love and wanted to start a family together. However, William had met with a terrible car accident a few months after Adeline became pregnant. Fearing William would never return, Adeline married Edward, who was by her side and supported her. When William recovered and returned to meet her, it was already too late.

“I won’t force you to stay with me, Aiden,” William finished. “But I always knew you were my son. Your mother had told me about it when we first met after she married. I even sent you letters every year, but I believe Edward never delivered them to you. I think he must have been a good father to you because that’s what Adeline told me. But I think he was just pretending in front of her.”


Aiden was quiet for a moment, then he hugged William. “I know Mom would have done the same thing if she was here. I want to stay with you, Dad. I don’t want to go back.”

William hugged him back and couldn’t stop crying at the sight of his son addressing him as a father for the first time. Finally, they both found solace in each other’s arms, knowing that they would support and love each other unconditionally.

From that day forward, Aiden and William embarked on a new journey together, creating a bond that would never be broken. They found the family they had both longed for, and Aiden knew that his mom would always be watching over them, guiding them with her love from above.

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