Is BET Confirmed the Return Date For Sistas Season 4 Episode 12?

A comedy-drama television series starring Tyler Perry that premiered on BET on October 23, 2019, was conceptualised, written, and executive produced by Tyler Perry himself. BET has renewed the sitcom for a fourth season, which will premiere on January 5, 2022, following the conclusion of the third season on October 20, 2021....

Snowdrop Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Cancelled In 2022?

The South Korean drama series ‘Snowdrop,’ produced by JTBC and Disney+, follows the lives of Lim Soo-ho and Eun Yeong-ro, whose lives are turned upside down when they come face to face during a period of extreme political instability. The romantic serial, which begins in late 1987 and follows Soo-involvement...

Attack Confirmed Release Date, Plot And Cast Revealed!

Attack, an upcoming Bollywood action thriller film directed and co-written by Lakshya Raj Anand, is set to release in 2019. The attack is produced by John Abhram, Jayantilal Gada, and Ajay Kapoor, who also star in the film. The plot of the storey revolves around a hostage crisis, and the events depicted are...

A List Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Plot – What We Know

The supernatural British teen drama “The A-List,” which Season 1 writer Dan Berlinka originally characterized as “‘Mean Girls’ meets ‘Lost,'” is returning to Netflix for a new set of episodes after taking a long hiatus from the streaming service. The first season of “The A-List” introduced viewers to the main...
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