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We Have Only One Child And My wife Doesn’t Want to Conceive Again- Man Laments



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I would like you to share this with your audience because as things stand now, I am very confused. The thing is my wife and I are very happy and healthy. I love her more than words can explain and she adores me too. We have been together for seven years now and never for once have I had any regret whatsoever for my decision to build a family with her. I met her when she was still in school, we dated for two years and got married afterwards. The issue I am facing that made me write to you is about childbirth.

My wife took in almost immediately after our wedding. We were both really excited even though she seemed to be happier than I was. I was excited to be a father and she was also overjoyed about the thought of being a mother. She told me about all the fun things she would love to do while pregnant. She spoke about how cute she was going to look in her bump and how she would take a lot of pictures, mak3 videos and keep lasting memories of her pregnancy phase. I was happy too and very willing to be there for her through every step of the way. I was very willing to support her and make life very easy for her.

We both spoke about how we were going to raise our kids, have a happy home, and give our children the best life we can afford. Things were going well but during delivery, she couldn’t deliver on her own and according to the doctors, further trial or push may endanger the baby including my wife. I was more interested in the health of my wife so I consented to whatever best option the doctors presented.

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The doctor explained that a cesarean section would be the best alternative and I asked them to continue. Luckily for us, my wife and our baby were safe. My baby was in good health. My wife on the other hand had minor issues so we stayed at the hospital for sometime before we went home. Later on, I discovered that my wife was very traumatized by the whole child delivery process. She loves our baby but she always tries to block the memory of the delivery. Even though she pretended to be fine, I could see through it all.


I persuaded her to talk to me and that was when she opened up about how she felt. She said she was so scared by the entire process and she felt she would die on the table. She went ahead to say that she wasn’t sure she was ready to have another child. I was sad but I didn’t take it seriously because I understood her condition and most times, when things go wrong, you tend to develop some level of fear and discomfort which has gone ahead to affect your decision or judgement. So due to that, I felt that her feeling was only temporary and it was fueled by her not so good experience of childbirth thus, I didn’t bother to convince her. It has been six years now and her views have not changed. She is still very scared of conceiving and childbirth that I am beginning to get worried.

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I have tried to convince her that the wound from the cesarean section she had has completely healed and that she could conceive again without issues. I promised her that I would be there for her through every step of the way. Yet she is very reluctant. I am worried. I won’t even try to lie about it. I need children. I have a great son that I love and appreciate but I want more. I want him to have sisters, I want to have more sons and daughters. Four kids in total won’t be bad and we agreed on that before we got married. I don’t know the best way to ease her fears and make her understand me. I understand her fears but we can’t continue like this. It’s not as if she can’t conceive, she is only afraid. Please what can I do?

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