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“Deceived by Family: My Husband and Son Both Told Lies”



"Deceived by Family: My Husband and Son Both Told Lies"
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I have had been happily married to my  her husband for several years. However, my relationship had recently hit a rough patch when he made a passing comment about another woman being able to handle situations better than her. I was understandably upset by the remark and tried to talk to my husband about it. I explained that I felt hurt and belittled by the comparison, and that it made me question my own abilities.

At first, my husband seemed to understand where i was coming from and apologized for making the comment. However, as time passed, he began to brush off her concerns and accused her of being overly sensitive. He told me that he had only meant to compliment the other woman’s abilities and that i was reading too much into the situation. I was hurt by his dismissal of my feelings, but i tried to let it go and move on.



However, my husband’s behavior took a more concerning turn when i found a pair of expensive women’s Fendi sunglasses on the kitchen island one day. I picked them up and asked my husband whose they were. He seemed confused and suggested that they belonged to me. However, i knew that the sunglasses were not mine, and i began to question where they had come from.

My son, who was sitting at the kitchen table, claimed that the sunglasses belonged to his friend Alison and that he had taken them home accidentally. I was immediately suspicious of the explanation because the sunglasses were very expensive, and I knew Alison’s mother well enough to doubt that she would allow her daughter to bring something worth that much to school. I decided to contact Alison’s mother and confirm whether the sunglasses were hers or not.

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To my surprise, the sunglasses did not belong to Alison or her mother. When i woman confronted my son and my  husband about the situation, they both feigned ignorance. However, my husband eventually confessed to taking the sunglasses out of their son’s backpack. He had known all along whose sunglasses they were, and it was revealed that they belonged to a woman he had previously compared the me to.


I was understandably upset by this revelation. Not only did my  husband compared her to another woman, but he had also taken something that did not belong to him without permission. I felt that the incident was a blatant violation of my trust and a clear indication that my husband did not respect my our relationship. I was unsure of what to do next and felt that I needed to confront My husband about his behavior.


When my husband returned home, i woman sat him down and calmly explained how his behavior had made me feel. I told him that I was hurt by his comparison and that I felt that he did not respect me as his wife. I also expressed my concern about his decision to take the sunglasses without permission, as I felt that it was a violation of their son’s friend’s trust as well.

At first, my husband was defensive and tried to deflect the blame onto me. He accused me of overreacting and said that he had only taken the sunglasses to see if she would notice. However, as the conversation continued, he began to realize how much he had hurt me. He apologized for his behavior and promised to do better in the future.

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I was relieved to hear her husband’s apology, but I knew that rebuilding trust would take time. I decided to take a step back from our relationship and spend some time thinking about what I wanted moving forward. I knew that it would not be easy, but I was determined to work through our issues and come out stronger on the other side.


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