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My worst Valentine’ – Man says after girlfriend walked out on him during proposal (Video)



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A young man has shared a video of how his girlfriend broke his heart on Valentine’s Day when he organised a romantic proposal.

He took her to a restaurant where he made arrangment with the management to design the floor with roses and forming a heart.

The loverboy went down on his knees inside the heart-shaped rose petals and brought out a ring to ask for his babe’s hand in marriage.

She was shook by the proposal and immediately stepped back when she saw him falling on one knee.

However, she was hesitant to say Yes, so employees of the establishment and customers were persuaded him to accept.

After moments of what seemed like a low-toned quarrel, she dropped the flowers her boyfriend gave her and stormed out of the building.

Watch the video below:

@DeniseMirembe; Because women are no longer marrying for just being in marriage and for community validation. Women are marrying for reasons, if you don’t meet one’s expectations and you just think a ring will compel them into staying with you, you’re wrong!


@TheosGi4; Assuming tightness, and living a lie, people pretend to love others but they’re not ready to spend their rest of their lives with them, and maybe they are enjoying the moment with no hope of it lasting, I call them opportunists, when it’s over they over. Assurance is important

@ample_calm; I think before imagining that your partner will say yes, you need to talk about it actually, ask he if you propose would she accept? And be serious abt it, just don’t mention Wen you will do it.becoz some pipo are not ready for the next step even though they’re with you now Shame.

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