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“I Don’t Have a Boyfriend”: Nigerian Lady in Navy Makes Video, Says Most Men Are Scared of Her



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  • A Nigerian lady woking as a naval officer has made a short video to show that men do not approach her for a relationship
  • In a short TikTok video, the gallant officer said that her kid of work has distanced men away from her
  • Many men who watched her video said that she is so beautiful and they would like to be her friends

A young Nigerian lady working in Nigerian Navy has made a short TikTok video to show how men easily fear her because of her unifrom.

She revealed that even though she needs a boyfriend, she has been unable to get one because of the nature of her job.

Many men in her comment section asked if they could shoot their shot and slide into her DM. People jostled for her attention with sweet words.

A few people wanted to know if she had a good heart.

Watch the video below:


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As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 6000 comments with more than 48,000 likes.

user59511241824223 said:

“You are funny oooo.”

Prince James Adex said:


“Can I pick this pretty flower.”


Permission to take my shot since you are the target.”

Sthesh said:

“You can be the captain,i will be your soldier.”

Pnprove said:

“Taa who fear nothing in this country can make us fear again.”

user3728181448072 said:


“Eho dey fear try me let me get to you you go sabi.”

Collen Conny said:

“To me you’re needed let’s make it happen please.”

Billy_lenyoraSA said:

“Captain the target has been spotted am asking if I should take a shot?”

copainth said:

“Are you available? i admire you a lot.”

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