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Relationship Problem

For 3 Years, No Lady Said Yes To Me Until I Discovered Something Shocking Under My Bed



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Anytime we had a fight, Cynthia told me, “One day I’ll leave you and you’ll see I’m the only woman in this world who loves you. You’ll look for me again when every woman says no to you but you won’t find me.” We fought often. That means she said this often. It’s the reason I can still remember it this clearly.

She was my girlfriend for three years and for three years I was faithful. Not that I decided to be faithful but when we were together, every woman I proposed to said no to me. Before I chose Cynthia as my girlfriend, there was Hannah. I loved Hannah but I didn’t love her the way I loved Cynthia. Hannah loved me so much, it showed in the way she spoke to me and acted around me.

Everything she did screamed, “I want you to be your girlfriend.” I ended up choosing Cynthia while thinking of keeping Hannah on the side. The day Cynthia said yes to me, we spent a night together. The next day, I went to Hannah to propose to her. She looked at me and..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE…>>>>>>

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