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Wife Hides Camera in Her Bedroom before a Business Trip, and The Unexpected Happened- Story of the Day



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Linda often went on business trips and left her husband alone at home. Clark has always been a faithful man, but one day Linda found blonde hair on their bed. She decided not to ask her husband about it, but instead came up with a plan to see all for herself. And her plan worked.

For nearly 30 years, Clark and Linda have been happily married and raising their three children. When their kids were full-grown adults with their own families, Clark decided to retire from work.

Since they already had enough money to sustain themselves, the pair thought it would be alright to rest and perhaps start a small business. However, Linda felt fulfilled working, and since she was thriving in her career, she did not retire

Like any other couple, the pair had occasional fights but never went as far as wanting a divorce. Linda’s job often involved business trips, leaving her husband at home to work on their business. She went on work-related travels every two months for at least a week.


During her time away, Linda never suspected her husband’s infidelity until something happened. Then, one evening, Linda asked her husband what he did while she was gone, and he reluctantly replied:

“The same as with you — nothing

One day, upon returning home from a business trip, Linda found a long strand of red hair in her bedroom. Because Linda had black hair, she knew that the strand came from another woman while she was away.

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She didn’t say anything to Clark, thinking it was just hair from a colleague that got stuck on her clothing. However, after her next business trip, Linda found another strand of short blonde hair in their bedroom. By this time, she was outraged.


Still, she did not say anything to her husband and instead wanted to catch him cheating on her. So before her next trip, Linda hid a tiny camera on their bookshelf to record what happened while she was gone. Since Clark rarely read, she was confident he wouldn’t find it.

When Linda returned home, she waited for the right moment to watch the clip while Clark went to work. When the opportunity came, she watched the footage and was shocked to see her husband cleaning the bedroom, which he never does.

Linda realized that her husband was waiting for someone, and to her surprise, she was correct. The same evening, a young blonde entered the room. Linda’s heart began to beat fast as she waited for her husband to enter the bedroom.

However, a different man came into the room and stayed there with the woman for another five days. During this time, her husband did not appear. Initially, Linda wanted to call the police but realized she should ask her husband first.


When she showed the video to Clark, he lowered his head and remained silent. Then, finally, he confessed and said that he was often bored at home while Linda was on business trips. So, he decided to rent out their house to tourists for a week and stay at a hotel with the income.

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At the hotel, Clark enjoyed his alone time using the jacuzzi and bathtub, ordering room service and having massages. Linda was mad at first but eventually burst into laughter. “Honey, why let strangers in? What if we were robbed?” she asked.

“But they didn’t rob,” Clark muttered. Linda asked her husband to stop having their house for rent because it may compromise his safety. Instead, she proposed that they take more vacations together.

“When I’m out, and you want to live in a hotel, please do so,” she added. “We have more than enough money for that, which we worked for. But please do not let strangers inside anymore.”


Clark promised not to let anyone inside again and kept going on staycations when his wife was out of town. To make things better, the couple went on out-of-town vacations more and got closer to each other.

What can we learn from Linda and Clark’s story?

Always be honest with your spouse.

2. Treating yourself to vacation is not bad.


3. Ask before making assumptions.

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