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Gold Digger Leaves Poor Boyfriend for Rich Man, They Meet After Rich Man’s Funeral – Story of the Day



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The girl I loved left me for a rich man, but years later I met her again and I was the only one who could help her

I loved Kylie so much. I’d loved her all through high school and when I went away to college I swore to her that when I graduated we’d get married. I came back every break I had, spent every second of my vacation with her.

One day, I returned to my dorm at Northwestern when one of my classmates told me a girl was waiting to talk to me. It was Kylie! She looked so beautiful, I couldn’t believe she’d come to see me.

I took her up to my room and I noticed that she was looking ill at ease. I hugged her and told her how much I loved her, but she was stiff and awkward in my arms. She told me we had to talk and started saying that she was very fond of me, but…


I sat down. My knees just couldn’t hold me up, and a strange icy feeling spread down my spine. Kylie started explaining that she’d met someone else, someone who really loved her. I was stunned. I kept repeating that I really loved her, didn’t she know that?

of course, she said. she knew i loved her, but it was puppy love. i was too young to know what i really wanted. i had a long way to go before i could give her what she needed, what she deserved.

i asked her what that was and she had the grace to blush. she told me she wanted a ‘good life,’ and that she deserved to be happy and comfortable. i told her of course! that was why we were both studying so hard, so we could achieve that comfortable life together.

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then kylie told me she was dropping out, she was getting married to a man who could give her all those things i would make her work for. i was shocked. then she explained that the man was the father of one of her college friends and was very wealthy.


Her friend wasn’t happy about it, but she and the man didn’t care. They were in love and they were going to be together. I told Kylie that I thought she’d love me and she tossed her head and said she did, in her way, but she loved Tom (that was his name) more. He was more mature

Richer, I said, you mean richer! And she agreed. Tom was rich, he could give her the life she wanted and so she had ‘decided to love him.’ I asked her to go, then, to leave immediately. I couldn’t believe she was the sweet girl I’d fallen in love with.

Sometimes we need closure on an old heartbreak before we can find new love.
I was devastated, but I focused on my studies. Three days later, Kylie’s mom phoned me. She was just as shocked as I was by Kylie’s decision. She told me she’d met Tom and didn’t think he was the right man for Kylie, no matter how rich he was.

I told her there was nothing I could do. Kylie’s mom told me she loved me like a son, and that I was always welcome in her family no matter what. That was an odd sort of consolation, but I knew I wouldn’t be keeping in touch. It was too painful.


It would be another six years before I heard anything about Kylie again. At Christmas, my mother told me she’d seen Kylie’s mom who’d told her she thought her daughter was very unhappy in her marriage. Apparently, Tom was cold and harsh and had an eye for the ladies.

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I just shrugged. Kylie had made her bed, she’d have to lie in it. I said so and my mother was upset. She said she was surprised at my coldness. I just asked her if she knew how much I’d been hurt. She never talked to me about Kylie again.

I dated a lot of girls over the next few years, but I never found one who won my heart. I worked, poured myself into my work, and was soon offered a junior partnership at the prestigious firm I worked for.

One day, I was called into one of our conference rooms and told we had a new client. To my astonishment, the client was Kylie. She was a very different woman from the glowing, happy girl I’d loved.


She was beautifully dressed, and her hands were covered in very expensive rings, but her light had gone out. Kylie looked desperately unhappy and defeated. As it turned out, her marriage had been just as bad as her mother had told mine

Tom had passed away, but now his daughter was in charge and she had kicked Kylie out of the house and told her she had no right to anything since her father had been holding the estate in trust for her until her 35th birthday.

Kylie was left with nothing, and since she had dropped out of college to marry Tom, she was qualified only for menial jobs. She just wanted enough to go back to college, she explained, so she could start a new life. Could I help her?

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So I called the daughter and we had a chat. I casually told her we were prepared to go to court — the court of public opinion — and she’d find that gossip was bad for business and very expensive


She was a bright, cunning businesswoman and we agreed. She would settle $2 million on Kylie — a far cry from the estate’s $340 million, but a very comfortable settlement. I told Kylie and saw that light fill her eyes again.

She threw her arms around me and hugged me. Kylie looked up at me with tears in her eyes and apologized for the pain she’d caused me so many years ago. She kept saying I was the only one she’d ever loved, and then she kissed me.

I always thought I’d give anything to hear her say that she was wrong to leave me, that she loved me, but now that it was happening I didn’t feel anything except embarrassment. So I pushed her away gently and told her I was happy to help and hoped she had a wonderful life from then on.

I finally walked away from Kylie, put aside the hurt she’d caused me. A few months later, I met a wonderful glowing girl who makes me laugh, and I think she might just be the One.


What can we learn from this story?

1. Choosing wealth over love never leads to happiness.

2. Sometimes we need closure on an old heartbreak before we can find new love.

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1 Comment

  1. Paul Olele

    June 27, 2022 at 11:00 am

    Waaauh! A gentleman you are brother. I love the piece and it’s two advice’s.

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