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The Weapon Fashioned Against Me Is My Own Body



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I closed from a Saturday class and was on my way home when a man called from behind. We were four girls walking together, so all of us turned back to look at the one doing the calling. He pointed at me, “The girl in jeans, yeah please come.” I was young. Only twelve or thirteen. I’d been told to respect the elderly so I told my friends, “Please don’t leave me. I’ll be back right now.”

I thought he was going to ask something about my school or he was going to send me to get him something. When I got closer to him, he held my hand and pulled me closer. He whispered, “Has anybody told you you’re beautiful? Look at the body, wow. Can we be friends? Can I have your number? I’ll pay your school fees. I’ll buy you good things. Please don’t say no to me.”

My friends might have heard what he was saying. I turned to look at them and they all laughed. I didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t sound disrespectful. I said, “Please, can I go? My friends are waiting.” He insisted on a number. I told him I didn’t have it. He gave me his number and asked me to call him. “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STOY.HERE...>>>>>

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