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“My Boyfriend Ch£ated and Blamed Me for Going Out of Town on Mother’s Day



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My boyfriend has problems with Mother’s Day because he has lost both his mother and the aunt who raised him. His biological mom abandoned him, and his aunt passed away a few years ago.

On Mother’s Day, I went to visit my own mom and informed my boyfriend in advance. I asked if he wanted to come along, but he doesn’t like flying and didn’t want to take time off work.

I didn’t have much time to talk to him because I had responsibilities for Mother’s Day, such as cooking and doing repairs at my mom’s place. I let him know about my tasks and even sent him photos.

I returned home a few hours earlier than expected by changing my flight, but he hadn’t been home and the apartment was messy. As I started tidying up, I found two women’s rings that definitely don’t belong to me.


I also noticed blonde hair stuck to the shower wall, which is not mine since I am a black woman. When he arrived home, he appeared surprised, and I confronted him by throwing the rings on the ground without saying anything.

At first, he acted clueless, but then he started crying and blamed me for leaving him alone, considering what he has been through with his family. However, our lease doesn’t end for at least three more months.

He claims that nothing physical happened and had the other woman text me. According to her, she made advances towards him, and she saw him getting aroused, but he started crying and asked her to leave.

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I’m unsure about what to do. On one hand, I feel frustrated that I can’t even help my mom for a few days without him behaving this way. On the other hand, I understand that his past experiences with his moms have been traumatic, and it might have triggered issues when he was alone.


Neither of us has anyone else in the area, so we can’t go stay somewhere else. I’m not even angry; I’m just irritated.

What steps should I take to discuss this with him? I don’t want to stay with him, but I have nowhere else to go for at least three months. If I try to break up with him now, he will make a big fuss, which will disrupt my studies for the next three months, and I can’t afford that risk.

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