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My Husband Brought Home Pretty Nanny and Said She’d Be Staying With Us, I’m Worried – Story of the Day



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One day my husband brought a pretty nanny home and said that she’d be staying with us. From the moment that young woman walked into my house, I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right. Sadly, all of my suspicions were right.

Harry and I were looking for a nanny for our son for almost three months, but we had only found disappointment. However, one day, Harry claimed that he had found a professional nanny for our son and brought the 20-year-old Clara home.

“Hi, Honey. Meet Clara,” Harry told me. “She’ll be living with us.”

I was baffled. “What the hell is going on here? Who is she, and why is she going to live with us?” I asked Harry, confused.


“Well, you know, we’ve been looking for a nanny for a while, and I think Clara is the perfect candidate,” Harry replied immediately. However, I wasn’t convinced that Clara was just a nanny.

I could tell something wasn’t quite right the instant my gaze rested on her, and there were multiple reasons for this. First and foremost, she was dressed far too casually to be a nanny, and then the way my husband was acting around her made me suspicious.

Are you sure she’ll be able to take care of our son, Harry?” I asked him firmly.

“Yes, darling,” Harry assured me. “She’s got a lot of experience, and her reviews are just perfect.” However, I had a hard time believing Harry was telling me the truth.


I pulled him to the side. “What are you trying to do, Harry?” I asked him sternly this time. “She’s just a 20-something girl. Plus, take a look at how she’s dressed. Do you really think she’ll be a good role model for our son?”

Oh, my god. Please stop, Sarah,” Harry retorted. “Clara is a professional, okay? I was very lucky to find her. I mean, WE were very lucky to find her.”

I looked at Harry furiously. “Well, Harry, I understand that we were having a hard time looking for a nanny. However, I would have appreciated it if you had first consulted with me. How can I just trust someone like that? I don’t think it’s right,” I told him.

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But Harry was adamant about keeping her as the nanny. “Oh, come on, Sarah. Clara is a good fit for the job,” he said. “She will be spending time with our son, and we’ll have more time to be together. Think about that.”


“But Harry. I don’t know. I still feel…” Before I could finish, Harry cut me off and turned to Clara.

“So, Clara, you can have the guest room. Please make yourself at home! I’m sure our son will love you,” he told her.

Clara looked at me with a big smile on her face. “Oh, thank you, Mrs. Miles,” she exclaimed. “I am so lucky to have found a place like your home to work.”

Yes, I was hesitant to hire her, but Harry was too rigid about Clara becoming the nanny, so I eventually gave in. Unfortunately, that was my biggest mistake, and I realized it soon.


One day, I returned home early from work. I had left my stuff in the living room and was about to walk into the bedroom when I saw Clara and Harry together in bed.

“I’m so happy we were able to set this up,” I heard Clara telling Harry. “I still can’t believe she fell for this.”

Harry was holding Clara in his arms and smiling. “I know, right! I can’t believe she’s so stupid. It looks like she stopped using her brain or something,” he said.

Clara burst out laughing. “Your wife is too innocent, Harry. But what will you do with her? What’s more, you have a son.”


“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ve got a plan,” Harry assured her. “She’ll leave us. In fact, she’ll run away from us.”

Clara smiled and hugged Harry tightly. “Oh, thank you, Harry. I can’t believe I was homeless, and now I’m living with someone I love. Now, let’s just wait for the moment we get rid of your stupid wife!” Clara told him.

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Harry smirked and hugged her tighter.

I couldn’t believe my worst fears had turned out to be true! Yes, Harry was cheating on me and that woman Clara—yes, she was Harry’s mistress. However, I didn’t feel devastated after learning this. Maybe I was expecting something like that to happen one day. In any case, I decided to teach them both a harsh lesson.


I decided to talk to Clara the next day. She was busy preparing breakfast when I asked her, “Hey, Clara. How’s everything going? Are you comfortable here?”

Yes, Mrs. Miles. I’m doing fine,” she replied in a gentle voice.

I can’t tell you how furious I was when she pretended to be this sweet, obedient nanny, but I had to keep my anger in check because I had a plan to teach her a lesson.

“Oh, that’s great that you’re feeling homely now,” I told her calmly. “By the way, do you mind if we become friends and chat with each other on a more informal basis? Why don’t we talk about Harry? It seems like you guys have known each other for a long time.”


Clara’s expression changed when she heard Harry’s name, but she eventually agreed to speak with me.

When we were conversing that day, I told Clara that I knew she was my husband’s mistress and lied to her that Harry had extra-marital affairs with other girls before dating her.

At first, Clara seemed hesitant to believe me, but she gradually fell into the trap. It was now Harry’s turn to learn the lesson. And this time, I made sure Clara joined hands with me.

When Harry returned home from work that day, Clara and I were seated in the living room. The moment he entered the room, Clara yelled at him, “So, how many other girlfriends did you have before me, Harry? Or wait, do you still have one besides me? Don’t think about lying now. Your wife told me everything!”


Harry looked at me as if he was innocent. “What’s going on, Sarah? What rubbish did you tell her?”

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Well, if a married man brings his mistress home as a nanny and thinks I wouldn’t know, there’s no bigger fool than him,” I told him firmly.

Harry immediately turned to Clara. “Please don’t believe her. She’s lying.”

Clara retorted, “Well, how am I supposed to trust you, Harry? After all, you lied to your wife about me. Who knows you may have lied to me too!”


“But Clara…”

Before Harry could finish, I intervened. “No one wants your bogus responses, Harry. I’ve packed your bags and you can leave. Our son is staying with me. And Clara is staying with us to help me. Goodbye.”

Clara was overjoyed when Harry left. “Thank you, Mrs. Miles,” she told me. “I am so lucky that I am staying here.

I knew that was the right time for Clara to realize how wrong she was. “Oh, no, honey, you’re not staying with us,” I told her. “You have 10 minutes to leave my house!”


Clara was shocked. “But I don’t understand … like, you told me just now that we’d be staying together! I have nowhere to go. Plus, we’re friends now, right?”

“Oh really, honey? Do you really think you can have an affair with my husband behind my back and stay in this house with me?” I told her sternly. “ Everything I told you was a lie—a lie to expose you and my cheater husband. Now, get the hell out of our lives! Also, don’t you ever dare to invade someone’s family, got it?!”

Clara packed all her belongings in tears and left. But her tears didn’t affect me. I was glad that she got what she deserved.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Never cheat on someone you love. The punishment can be fierce.
  • If you do wrong to others, karma will reach out to you sooner or later.
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