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My Husband Declares an End to All Political Discussions in Our Conversations.”



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My husband and I find ourselves on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Despite having dated for three years and being married for two, our differing political views have become a significant source of tension. Initially, when we first met and started dating, his political inclinations gave me pause for thought. However, I discovered that he wasn’t particularly politically active, so I decided to give the relationship a chance. As love blossomed between us, I found myself caring less about his political beliefs and more about the person he was.

My husband claims affiliation with a certain political party, but he rarely exercises his right to vote. It often seems that his professed political stance is more about stirring up controversy and engaging in heated arguments for the sake of amusement. On the other hand, my own political journey has taken a different path. Growing up in environments that held opposing views, I learned to keep my opinions to myself. However, as I’ve matured, I’ve become increasingly involved in political matters and more vocal about issues that I feel strongly about.


Recently, one particular issue has been at the forefront of public discourse, and I’ve been deeply invested in following and discussing it. One evening, I excitedly shared a news story related to this topic with my husband, hoping for a meaningful conversation. To my surprise, he abruptly announced that he no longer wanted to engage in any political discussions. He expressed his weariness and stated that he believed I was becoming too absorbed in the matter.

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Respecting his request, I decided to refrain from initiating any further political conversations. Consequently, our interactions have been reduced to mere exchanges of pleasantries, brief descriptions of our respective workdays, and sharing snippets of interesting information we come across on our smartphones. Despite physically sitting next to each other, our connection feels distant and lacking the depth it once had.


In an attempt to inject variety into our conversations, I’ve made efforts to discuss other engaging and thought-provoking subjects. However, my husband has shown little interest, often dismissing my topics as boring or unimportant.

For instance, when he recently showed me some vehicles he was considering online and asked for my opinion, I asked clarifying questions based on our past discussions. In response, he condescendingly explained how I lacked understanding and failed to grasp the complexities of the matter at hand. I firmly conveyed my displeasure, informing him that his attitude was unwarranted and unnecessary. I made it clear that I would no longer be willing to assist him with such matters.

Feeling hurt and frustrated, I rose from my seat and sought solace in the kitchen, channeling my emotions into cleaning and tidying up. Eventually, I retreated to the comfort of our bedroom, where I found solace in the pages of a captivating book. It was a conscious decision to distance myself from the negative energy that had permeated our interaction.


but i don’t want this to be my life, just silence. I also don’t want to be made to feel stupid for trying. Any suggestions?

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