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My Girlfriend Mock And Left Me Because I Was Fat, and 2 Years Later, She Begged Me for a Date — Story of the Day



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My girlfriend mocked me because I was fat and couldn’t lose weight. One day, I saw her getting too close with another guy, and she dumped me. But life taught her a big lesson.

Kylie and I met at work. We hit it off right away and started dating. I couldn’t believe an outgoing, beautiful woman like her wanted to be with a shy man like me. We loved each other and moved in together a few months later.

“Andy, I think we have to sign up for the gym soon,” Kylie told me one day. She was right. We had been spending too much time at home and eating takeout.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing, although I’ve never been great when it comes to fitness. But we need to think about our health,” I answered. So we signed up for the local gym, which was within walking distance from our home.


It was perfect for several weeks, but Kylie was so much better than me at keeping it up. She started losing weight easily. She was never overweight like me, just a bit chubby, so after a while, she almost looked like a model.

She often took selfies and posted them online. I couldn’t help but notice the male attention she received and got a bit jealous. I talked to her about it, and she wasn’t happy.

“I don’t post those pictures for anyone but myself. I like the way I look now, and my Instagram is like my personal fitness journey. You can’t stop me from doing that,” Kylie

“I know, sweetheart. It’s just some of those selfies are really sexy, and men online are pigs,” I explained.


“I don’t care about them. We’re together. You have to trust me,” she continued. I let the subject go and decided to trust her completely. But things between us started to change as well.

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“Are you ordering Uber Eats? Is it from that healthy restaurant?” Kylie asked me one night. I looked up from my phone, and she was wearing her workout outfit.

“No, I’m ordering a pizza. I can sometimes indulge,” I replied.

“Yes, when you’ve actually achieved something. But you haven’t lost any weight since we started at the gym. You’re even going less and less,” Kylie continued with her arms crossed.


“I’m tired, Kylie. I don’t want to go all the time as you do. It’s not fun for me. I want to relax at home and not have to think about eating a silly salad,” I told her.

“Seriously? You don’t make any effort. Even the guys at the gym wonder why you’re my boyfriend,” Kylie muttered.

“What does that mean? Do you want to break up?” I asked, concerned

Whatever…I’m going to the gym now. I guess you’re not going with me,” Kylie snapped and left. I was worried about our conversation. I knew I wasn’t giving it as much effort as she did, but this was the first time Kylie showed any unhappiness about it.


I ate the pizza, although I didn’t have much of an appetite anymore. So I put on my gym clothes and decided to join Kylie tonight. However, I couldn’t find her when I got to the gym. One of the female trainers told me she might be in the miscellaneous room, where they kept all kinds of equipment.

“What is going on here?!” I bellowed when I saw Will, another personal trainer, too close to Kylie while she “worked out” with the strings.

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“Hey, man. Calm down. Kylie got a cramp while doing her cardio, and I’m helping out,” Will explained.

Yeah, right. You think I’m stupid?” I said mockingly. I saw his hand way too high on her leg and the way they were looking at each other.


“Andy, please. Just stop. Fine. You saw what you saw. I’m tired of you, and I want to break up,” Kylie added coldly. I couldn’t believe it, but I knew she was telling the truth. So I left the gym. Back home, I packed my stuff and stayed with a friend until I found a new apartment.

I still followed Kylie’s Instagram. She was clearly dating her gym buddy and constantly posted about fitness with her girlfriends. But I saw that she took digs at people who didn’t care about their looks and couldn’t follow diets.

I couldn’t believe she actually dumped me because of my weight. So I changed my life. I joined another gym and followed my diet to the letter. But I didn’t become a wannabe fitness influencer. I just moved on with my life.

Two years later, Kylie texted me out of the blue. Her message said, “Can I please see you? Please, say yes! I’m already on my way to the café we used to love. Please come.” I didn’t expect her to contact me ever again, and I didn’t want to go. But she asked earnestly, so I agreed.


“Hey, Andy. You look amazing!” she said when I arrived.

“Thanks. You too,” I told her. After a bit of small talk, I got right down to the point. “So, what’s up? Why did you ask to meet?”

“Oh, ok. Well, I just… I made a huge mistake back then. I don’t know what happened to me. I guess all the attention and the compliments got to my head,” Kylie started. “But then I became a different person. I even insulted my sister because she couldn’t lose her baby weight.”

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That’s horrible, Kylie,” I muttered.


“I know. I was healthier, but I realized later how toxic that environment had been for me. Everyone in the fitness-influencer world was so conceited, and I became one of them. And then…well…Will cheated on me with a woman who looks like a Kardashian,” Kylie continued.

“Ah…” I said, finally understanding why she wanted to meet. She had been cheated on and dumped.

“Yes. I can’t believe I fell for his lies all this time. I think he never really liked me in the first place, but well. I guess… I wanted to apologize to you for what I did. Can you forgive me?” Kylie asked, hopefully.

“I forgive you. But I can’t forget what you did, and I don’t want anything from you. I hope you’re doing better and that everything works out for you,” I told her. Then I stood up and left.


I never saw Kylie in real life again, but her Instagram account changed over time. She patched things with her sister and didn’t post any gym selfies anymore.

What can we learn from this story?

Don’t hurt others because their journey is different than yours. Kylie got swept into the fitness world and started hurting people who weren’t like her. She learned her lesson in the end.

You can apologize, but you might not be able to go back. You can’t remedy some mistakes. You can apologize and be forgiven, but it might never be the same

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