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School Girls Beat Each Other Up on Street With Kicks, Punches And a Baseball Bat Over Boyfriend (Videos)



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An unverified video of a group of school girls attacking each other, reportedly in front of the prestigious Bishop Cotton Girls’ school in Bengaluru has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the schoolgirls were seen in uniform indulging in a dirty street fight with their schoolmates near Vittal Mallya road on Tuesday. The reason for such a brawl is yet to be known. However, screenshots from social media allege that the cause behind the incident was a fight between two girls over one of their boyfriends and a fake date

The young girls can be seen slapping each other and pulling each other’s hair. One girl can be seen taking out a baseball bat to beat others. While a number of boys and some women try to pry them apart, two girls drag each other down a staircase. With kicks, punches and plenty of hairpulling around, some people watch helplessly as the schoolgirls indulge in what seemed like a gang war between two school groups.

The fight continued for some time, as young school girls from Bishop Cotton Girls’ school could be heard shouting and shrieking. The bystanders, including some schoolboys, tried to stop the girls from fighting. However, the girls continued to hit each other


Another video shows a girl bleeding from her nose after being pushed towards the barricades.


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Watch Video below:

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