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My Ex Is Getting Married In Two Weeks But He Owes Me Money



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We started a business together many years ago. He was studying in China at that time, so he would send me items, and I would sell them on his behalf. Eventually, he proposed that I invest in the business so we could become partners. I agreed and contributed 40% of the total amount needed.

After two years, the business was thriving, but he decided to return to Ghana. Even though we were romantically involved, we managed to keep the business going. However, I later discovered that I was the “other woman.” He had a girlfriend in China, and their relationship was growing stronger. Surprisingly, it was the same girl who helped us ship our goods. I should have realized it earlier, but I was blinded by love until it was too late.


I was heartbroken. We had accomplished so much together and even bought properties in our names. While I was thinking about marriage, he was planning a future with someone else. He told me that Esi, the girl from China, was someone he met and fell in love with because he felt lonely. He said he would leave her and asked for some time.

I believed him because I had a lot to lose, and I didn’t want to let go easily. I hoped he would do the right thing so we wouldn’t lose what we had built together. I asked him if he would choose me over her, and he said he had already chosen me. He just needed some time to end things with her.

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One month passed, and they were still together. Two months went by, and they were still going strong. They even displayed their love on social media. After six months, he was still asking for more time. I told him that I couldn’t be taken for granted. I didn’t force him to choose me. It was clear that he wanted her, so I asked him to leave me alone.


But he didn’t leave. As we struggled with our love and relationship, our business also suffered. We stopped importing goods for almost a year. I had decided that once our stock ran out, I would break away from him and end the relationship, even if he asked me to stay.

A year later, he was still with her. I was devastated. I had seen the signs, but my heart still held onto the hope that he would leave her for me. One day, he told me his girlfriend would be coming to Ghana. I asked him what he wanted me to do, and he said I didn’t have to do anything. He assured me that once she arrived, it would be easy for him to break up with her. He asked for one last chance.

Six months passed, and they were still together. The painful part was that he didn’t hide it from me. They went out, had fun, and he posted photos of them with romantic captions. When I questioned him, he tried to make me feel like I was the problem, saying I was too jealous and needed to loosen up. He claimed he was slowly pulling away from her to avoid hurting her.

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Our business partnership had already crumbled, so I told him it was okay. I didn’t want to fight anymore because of her. It was clear he wanted to be with her. I said it was over, and we only needed to sell the properties we bought together to part ways. He yelled at me, telling me it was fine if that’s what I wanted. He was tired of my complaints, and he would find peace once I was gone.

A few weeks later, I saw their wedding “Save the Date” announcement on Facebook. I completely broke down. I knew he had chosen her. I knew he loved her more than me, but the fact that he led me on until just a few weeks before their wedding made me feel used. I didn’t reach out to him or try to make the pain worse. I stayed in my own corner and cried it out.


Their wedding is in two weeks. He sold our properties a long time ago but hasn’t given me my share of the money. His excuse is that the buyers haven’t paid the full amount, so he’s keeping the money they did pay in the bank. He promises to split it with me once they complete the payment.

When I saw his wedding invitations, I contacted the two guys who bought the properties. They told me they had already paid the full amount on the day we transferred the titles. I called King, not angry, and asked him calmly when he would give me my share. He acted like he didn’t hear me and hung up the phone.

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He stopped answering my calls and ignored my text messages. I even sent him an email, but he didn’t respond. I want to take action and get my money back before he gets married. Once the wedding is over, I don’t think he’ll pay me what he owes. Now that he has something at stake and a lot to lose, threatening to expose him might make him pay. I discussed it with friends, but they all say it’s not worth it. In the end, I might only embarrass myself.

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