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My Virginity Cost Me The Man Of My Dreams



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My Virginity Cost Me The Man Of My Dreams

I have always had a simple dream for my life when I was growing up. Whenever our class teachers asked, “What do you want to be in future?” I would answer eagerly, “I want to be a nurse.” See? How hard can it be to achieve this dream? All I had to do was study hard and go to nursing school, then I would become a nurse. This was how I envisioned it all to go.

I knew that I would need good grades to make it to nursing school. And to get those grades I must avoid all distractions. So while my classmates were busy having fun and boyfriends, I was married to my books. I turned down any boy who proposed love to me. Even when I got to secondary school, I didn’t succumb to any form of pressure to follow the status quo.

After I completed high school, I had to stay home for three years before I finally gained admission into a nursing training college. Words cannot describe the joy I felt when I received my admission letter. I was more than thankful that I didn’t give up when things became difficult. My life held the promise of a happy future. “After school, I will pursue my career as a nurse, and then I’d meet my dream man. Everything will fall into place.” This was the talk I always gave to myself.


While I was still in school, we were asked to choose a hospital for our clinical. I chose a hospital closer to home but my friends succeeded in persuading me to choose the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Little did I know that I was going to meet a..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE….>>>>>>>

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