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My Girlfriend Wets The Bed When She Sleeps But That’s Half Of The Problem



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At the beginning of the relationship, she would visit me and leave when it was getting late. The relationship was new. We were both trying to know each other while acting shy along the way. Sometimes I wanted her to sleep over but no matter how late she would leave.

I wanted her to sleep over but I lacked the courage to inform her. Five months later, it was still like that. One day I told her, “Why don’t you sleep over? It’s not as if your mom would beat you if you sleep here with me. You live alone so that shouldn’t be a problem.” 

She answered, “Until we are married, I’m not allowed to share the same bed with you overnight. Where I come from, we don’t do that.” We had done everything reserved for married couples in our relationship and were basically living like a man and wife but this woman won’t sleep over.

Anyway, I didn’t push it. I wanted her to be happy doing the things that made her comfortable. One evening I was at her end. We were enjoying the night until I realized it was too late. I begged to sleep over at her place. She said no. I continued begging until she told me, “If you’ll sleep here, I don’t mind but I won’t sleep in the bed with you. Accepted?” 


I grudgingly accepted the offer and slept in her bed while she picked a pillow and bedsheet and went to the hall to sleep. She spread the bedsheet on the…CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE..>>>>

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