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In The Night, I was With My Mother At Her Shop When a Mad Man Came, His Actions Left me Stun



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My husband’s business was such that he could not miss a phone call. If he was too busy to answer the phone, I answered it for him. In 2020 I answered a call from a very rude caller. I dismissed it as one of those things.

Another time this same person called. When I answered the phone she said, “Don’t you have your own phone that you keep answering other people’s phone calls?” I responded, “That somebody you’re referring to is my husband so I have every right to answer his phone when he’s not available.” The caller made the ‘mtcheeew’ sound while cutting the line on me.

But something didn’t add up. Her voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place my finger on where I’d heard that voice. Fast forward to last year, my husband got involved in a bizarre accident that came out of nowhere.

Thankfully, he didn’t get injured. It was his car that sustained some serious damage. He got the car repaired and weeks later, he was back on the road again. Three months later, he was involved in another accident. This one was more serious than the first but again, he didn’t sustain any serious injury. It was rather his car that got seriously damaged. It cost him over GHC7,000 to get the car repaired. After those repairs, he sold the car.


Another time, he sent a cargo driver to deliver his goods to clients in Accra. Later, he got a call that the car had been involved in an accident. The driver was not injured. The vehicle was not seriously damaged but all the goods in the car got damaged.

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He couldn’t pick a single item that was in a good state. That accident cost him in excess of GHC90,000. He was devasted and depressed. He couldn’t hear anything when you spoke to him. But that didn’t stop him from doing business.

He went into his savings and ordered another batch of goods from China. The goods arrived in Ghana and his clearing agent called him, “Boss, we can’t find your..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE…>>>>>>

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