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In The Night, I was With My Mother At Her Shop When a Mad Man Came, His Actions Left me Stun- Woman Narrates



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My husband’s business was such that he could not miss a phone call. If he was too busy to answer the phone, I answered it for him. In 2020 I answered a call from a very rude caller. I dismissed it as one of those things. Another time this same person called. When I answered the phone she said, “Don’t you have your own phone that you keep answering other people’s phone calls?” I responded, “That somebody you’re referring to is my husband so I have every right to answer his phone when he’s not available.” The caller made the ‘mtcheeew’ sound while cutting the line on me.

But something didn’t add up. Her voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place my finger on where I’d heard that voice. Fast forward to last year, my husband got involved in a bizarre accident that came out of nowhere. Thankfully, he didn’t get injured. It was his car that sustained some serious damage. He got the car repaired and weeks later, he was back on the road again. Three months later, he was involved in another accident. This one was more serious than the first but again, he didn’t sustain any serious injury. It was rather his car that got seriously damaged. It cost him over GHC7,000 to get the car repaired. After those repairs, he sold the car.

Another time, he sent a cargo driver to deliver his goods to clients in Accra. Later, he got a call that the car had been involved in an accident. The driver was not injured. The vehicle was not seriously damaged but all the goods in the car got damaged. He couldn’t pick a single item that was in a good state. That accident cost him in excess of GHC90,000. He was devasted and depressed. He couldn’t hear anything when you spoke to him. But that didn’t stop him from doing business. He went into his savings and ordered another batch of goods from China. The goods arrived in Ghana and his clearing agent called him, “Boss, we can’t find your goods ooo. The whole thing is missing.” He screamed, “How! No, that can’t be possible.” They did everything to track his goods but they couldn’t find them. This is the same agent who had been clearing his goods for the past five years so what happened?”

He couldn’t eat nor sleep. Sadness hung on his face like a picture on a wall. I tried my best as a wife to motivate him not to give up but nothing worked. I ran to my mother and narrated everything to her. After I told her about our streak of bad luck, she said, “It’s time to visit the chief priest again. He might have answers.” I said, “No. He was the same person who said our problems will cease if the other woman went out of our lives. She is gone but here we are again. I can’t trust his solutions.”

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My mother succeeded in convincing me so I agreed to go with her once again.

Honestly, I was irritated when we got there. I believed the priest had lied to us. I said in my head, “This man is fake. Let’s not waste our time visiting his shrine.” It was my mother who did the narration this time. One after the other, she listed all the problems we had gone through after we had visited his shrine. The priest looked at me like he did the first time when we were there. He said, “Your husband is very stubborn. He has gone back to the woman. This time around there’s a thread that runs through them and until that thread is broken, there’s nothing we can do to help.”

I went home feeling the stab of betrayal in my chest. Like a sharp knife was stuck in there. I asked my husband if there was any truth in what the priest said and he said yes. So, this is what happened…

The lady reached out to him in 2020 during the COVID times that she needed financial assistance. He said the lady had helped him before in times of need so he couldn’t turn his back on her. He helped her and they got talking again. By the time he realized it, they were dating again. Not too long afterward, the lady got pregnant. He asked the lady to get rid of it but she didn’t. The lady told him, “While you were away, I got involved with another man and got pregnant for him. I didn’t love that man the way I love you but I gave birth for him, so how can I get rid of this one that belongs to the man I love? No, I will give birth.”


Before he could finish his last sentence, I gave him a hard slap on his left cheek. Before he could open his mouth again another slap followed. He knelt down begging and crying. I shook my head; “This time around I am done. How can I go to war for our family and you turn around to sleep with the weapon that is fashioned against us? I never thought you were a Judas, an enemy within. This marriage is over.”

I packed my things, gathered my children, and moved to my mother’s house. He came over there with his parents to plead his case but I wouldn’t change my mind. His parents said, “We understand that you are angry right now. You may need some time to consider what we are saying. Take all the time you need to reconsider your decision. We will come back to see you in a few days’ time.”

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Later in the night, I was with my mother at her shop when a mad man came to ask her for water. She gave him the water but this mad man stood there staring at the face of my mother much longer than expected. He said, “Thank you for the water” and walked away. The next morning my mother said, “Take the children to your husband’s mother. We have a place to go.” I asked, “Where? Where are we going?” She responded, “To our hometown. We have to go and see the chief priest again. The mad man who came here last night is his messenger. I believe he has a message for us.”

All of a sudden, I started shaking. I became so scared and regretted that I ever got involved with a fetish priest.


When we got to the shrine he smiled at us. He said, “I am glad you got my message. There is a problem.” My heart started beating in trepidation. He said, “Those two accidents your husband was involved in were supposed to kill him. He survived because of you. The spiritual protection I cast over you protects anyone who is connected to you. Ever since you started giving birth, has any of you kids got seriously sick before?” I shook my head while saying no. He continued, “Your husband is alive because of you. If you leave him he will die within this month. That woman’s family witches are attacking him from every angle and they are using the thread running through him and the woman to get to him. Until that child dies your husband’s finances will continue to sink.”

The information was too heavy for me to bear. I had to take my husband to go and see the priest so he could hear things for himself. While there, the priest revealed so many of his secrets—secrets he hadn’t even told me. He went down on his knees before the chief priest; “Please help me. How can I fix this?” The man said, “For you to be totally free from this mess, the thread that runs through you two has to be broken. I hope you know what I mean but I can’t help in that direction because I don’t kill people. I don’t use my powers to take lives so think of it the way it’s suitable for you.”

We didn’t ask him to kill the child but even if he suggested that he wanted to do it, I would have stood against him. The child is innocent. We were desperate for a solution but not to the extent of ending someone’s life.

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In the end, I couldn’t leave the marriage knowing that it could kill him. When my husband stopped giving money to the lady, his business started flourishing, even people who cut ties with him started calling him to give him a job to do. But this lady would call my husband, harassing him and demanding money from him to take care of the child. Immediately after my husband sends the money, the following month, he will start incurring losses. He will lose huge sums of money that will destabilize his business or his suppliers will suddenly cut ties with him.


In the end, my father-in-law decided that he would be the mediator between my husband and his baby mama. They communicated through him and he sent money to the lady through his father. Not long afterward, my father-in-law fell seriously ill. He was sent to the hospital for medical care but he never came back home. He died at the hospital.

My husband’s elder brother took us to see a pastor and also offered to send the baby mama money on our behalf. Not too long afterward, two cars he was working on in his mechanic shop got burnt. They said some smokers came around at night to smoke in his shop and caused the fire outbreak. My brother-in-law took that as a warning and withdrew his assistance.

I have been to big and powerful prayer centers. I have fasted and prayed alone. I have cried to God but there has been no breakthrough.

If my husband doesn’t send her money, we don’t encounter any problems. But she would call and insult both of us. Sometimes she comes to the house to make a scene. We don’t know what to do anymore. This is taking a toll on him and it breaks my heart to see his mental health decline. The other day I took his phone to google something and I saw in his search history a question he wrote on Google about suicide. I fear for his life. He’s always begging to be forgiven. He’ll wake up at dawn and can’t sleep again. We’ve run out of solutions.


Please help us with suggestions or anything. We have tried everything we know. If you know any man of God who will help us break this thread without any bloodshed, please recommend him. We’ll travel far and near to meet him. I’m even in tears as I write this.

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  1. Mela

    May 13, 2022 at 1:11 pm

    First and foremost, confessing your sins and accepting Jesus Christ into your life should be the first step. Again, embark on a 3days fasting and prayer with your husband and must sure you holds your hands together to pray from 11:30 pm till 12:30.
    Lastly, engage in 3 nights of praise and worship thanking God. Don’t ask anything aside thanking God. And you will see a supernatural separation by God himself. Read psalms 51,35, 71, 91, Jeremiah 32:27, Exo 14:14, 15.

  2. Robert

    September 14, 2023 at 9:30 am

    Ohhh sorry but what I can tell you their is man of God called paster kakande in Uganda called sinigongo church of all nations he will heel everything within no time and stan is liar God can do everything

  3. Felix Anthony Ogbogoh

    September 14, 2023 at 12:10 pm

    From your narratives it does appear each time your husband refuses to give her money for the child’s upkeep everything will be back to normal but the woman will raise all sorts of hell and once the money is given to her things will start to go wrong again. This presupposes that she is not using the money for the upkeep of the child but for festish purposes and for the witches coven. So here’s the thing your husband so should take custody of the child citing her inability to properly care for the child by so doing it the thread that bound your husband to the woman will be broken and you will regain control of your family life

  4. Ihuoma francis ekene

    January 2, 2024 at 11:40 am

    Is your husband’s baby mama aware of the priest’s solution?

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