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She Never Told Her Boyfriend That She Has A Child And After He Found Out, The Unexpected Happened



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A 20-year-old woman met a guy the same age as her online, and they went out on a first date. Things went so well that they also had a second date, and on that one, this guy asked her to take the next step and “be his girlfriend.

Although that might seem like a pretty quick timeline to get so serious so quickly, it’s pretty normal where she comes from.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, she had around 6 exclusive dates with her new boyfriend, and the entire time, she kept a pretty major secret from him.

She’s actually a mom to a little girl who lives with her, but she never told her boyfriend about her child.


She figured if she revealed to her boyfriend that she does have a child from a previous relationship, it would cause her to lose her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend did prod her about her previous relationships on some of their dates, and she always changed the conversation around on him to discuss something else while preventing him from learning her big secret.

“Today, my BF found out about my kid through my relative’s social media account,” she explained.

“He broke up with me and is obviously hurt. I think he was hurt because this was the first real relationship he ever had and he expressed that to me multiple times.”


“He would always let me know how happy he was around me.” Her boyfriend did give her the opportunity to tell him the truth, but she didn’t take it.

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