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My Mother Is Cheating On My Father, But That Is The Least Of My Problems



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I consider myself an orphan with parents, even though they are still alive. At this stage of my life, I should be independent, but unfortunately, I’m not. Under normal circumstances, I would expect support from my family, but that’s not the case. My father, who would have done anything for me, is sick, and my mother, who runs our household, treats me like a rival for some reason.

Because of my mother, I’ve only completed senior high school, and I’ve been out of school since 2014. I don’t have any support to further my education, and my qualifications limit the job opportunities available to me. The money I earn at the end of the month is not enough to sustain me. It would have been easier if my mother supported me, but unfortunately, she doesn’t.


I remember a time when I couldn’t afford sanitary pads, which cost GHC8. I asked my mother for help, but she simply said she didn’t have the money, even though she earns a good income. I have also witnessed her having an affair with her supplier, but I can’t tell anyone because they wouldn’t believe me. She is skilled at playing the devoted wife and has manipulated my father into signing over all their properties to her. Now that she has everything, she mistreats us. My sister and father also suffer from her actions. She hides drinking water and food from us, and there have been countless nights when I have gone to bed hungry.

Most people in my life are unaware of what I’m going through. How could they know? I’m unable to talk about my mother without feeling depressed and demotivated, so I pretend that everything is fine.

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On the surface, I appear composed and happy. I’m also considered attractive, with a curvy figure. I attract attention from men, including influential government officials and politicians. I know they are only interested in me for their own pleasure, and I also know that if I give in to their desires, my problems might come to an end. However, I am a twenty-nine-year-old virgin.


Because of my appearance, people often doubt that I’m still a virgin. They question whether anyone has “touched” me before. The truth is, I haven’t engaged in any sexual activity because I am a devout Christian who wants to remain pure until marriage. However, these days, I don’t even attend church anymore.

Considering everything I’m going through, I often wonder why I shouldn’t give in to these influential men to secure a better life. I deserve to have enough to eat, afford sanitary pads (especially with the additional taxes), and enjoy nice perfumes. I don’t even have a proper mattress to sleep on, and my body aches from sleeping on the floor for years. I’m exhausted, and I don’t know how much more I can endure.


I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to let go of my morals. It’s difficult to admit, but if compromising my principles will lift me out of poverty, then I’m prepared to do it. I’m determined to do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams. I can’t rely on my mother for help. I once asked her for capital to start a business, proposing that she lend it to me with interest, but she outright refused.

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I confided in a therapist friend who advised me to forget about my mother and create a life for myself. I’ve considered their advice and believe it’s the right path for me. I need to forge my own way in this world, which is why I’m sharing my story today. I need capital to start a business. I can either seek it from the influential men pursuing me or find a better job and save up for it.


To be honest, I prefer earning my own money and not relying on handouts. I believe in the value of hard work and that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Therefore, what I truly need is an opportunity—a stepping stone—to secure a better job. If anyone reading this has knowledge of a well-paying job suitable for someone with my educational background, I would be immensely grateful if you could recommend me for it.

I want to take control of my own destiny and build a life that doesn’t depend on compromising my principles or relying on the whims of others. I have aspirations and ambitions that go beyond my current circumstances, and I am determined to make them a reality. With the right job and financial stability, I can save up to start my own business eventually.


I understand that the journey ahead may not be easy, but I am ready to face the challenges. I am determined to break free from the cycle of poverty and create a better future for myself. I believe in my abilities and know that with the right opportunity, I can achieve great things.

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So, if you have any leads or recommendations for a job that can provide the financial stability I need to pursue my dreams, please reach out to me. Your support and assistance would mean the world to me. I am ready to work hard, prove myself, and take control of my own life.

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