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Man Checked Wife’s Phone and Saw a Message from a Stranger for a DNA Test on Their Daughter He Was Left in Stun- Story



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When a man checked his wife’s phone, he saw messages from a man talking about taking a paternity test on their daughter. The man turned to Reddit to confirm if his suspicions were correct.

Since their marriage was already going downhill, the man wasn’t surprised to know that his wife was talking to an unknown man.

However, the message about the paternity test left him puzzled. He could never imagine that his wife would lie to him about their daughter’s paternity.

Redditor BreadfruitOrdinary74 confessed that his marriage wasn’t going too well when he read his wife’s text messages. He said there were too many issues between them, and one of them was infidelity.


He recently discovered that his wife had an affair with her ex-colleague. Six months ago, he suspected the same, but his wife assured him that his suspicions were baseless. She somehow proved that she wasn’t cheating on him.

However, this time, the man was sure about their affair because of their private messages. After reading their messages, he was sure they got intimate multiple times. He wasn’t shocked because he already suspected something was going on between them.

The man confessed that his marriage lasted for a few years only because of his daughter.

What shocked him was their recent texts, where the man said she should get a paternity test done on her 18-month-old daughter to see who her father was.


OP (Original Poster) never thought his daughter didn’t belong to him and the messages made it sound like she resulted from his wife’s affair. He confessed he had no idea that his wife had been dating the other man for two years.

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He wasn’t sure if they had done the test by reading the messages. All he knew was that his marriage was over. He wasn’t going to live with his cheating wife anymore.

However, he didn’t know how to confront his wife. He was afraid of losing his daughter and wife at the same time and couldn’t contemplate living without them.

The man confessed that his marriage lasted for a few years only because of his daughter. Otherwise, they would have parted ways a long time ago.


Confused, he asked other users if he should first take a paternity test himself or would it be wiser to confront his wife about the affair.

“You would need to get your own paternity test,” Redditor Powerful-Carob-5609 stated and asked him to consult a lawyer after getting the results. Other Redditors also suggested the same and asked him to gather evidence against his wife.

The man decided to take a paternity test. He wrote another Reddit post updating readers that he had bought a home-testing kit.

He also confessed he was scared thinking about the results. On the other hand, if he confronted his wife, he was sure she would manipulate him into believing he was at fault for doubting her fidelity.


As a result of self-doubt, he re-read his wife’s conversation with her ex-coworker to check if he was interpreting it correctly. He also shared it in the Reddit post and asked others what they thought about it.

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The conversation started when his wife’s co-worker asked her how she felt about taking a paternity test on her daughter. His wife replied that “it was a very good idea” and she wanted to talk to him about it

OP asked other Redditors for their interpretations after reading the conversation. Since he hadn’t shared the news with his family members, he solely relied on other users’ advice.

“She’s clearly asking a man (not you) to take a paternity test regarding you and your wife’s child,” Redditor basiCock replied, implying that the conversation was obvious.


Redditor 19tiredofitall assured OP he was not crazy and suggested he take the paternity test as soon as possible.

Four months later, OP wrote another post, asking other users how to start the divorce process. He said he had separated from his wife after seeing the paternity test results.

He wanted to move on in life, but he was still legally married to her. He wanted to divorce her, but he was clueless about the process.

“She wants to drag out the divorce to increase the amount of alimony you have to pay her,” Redditor cpt_price0 explained who also asked OP about the test results.


OP replied that the test results revealed his daughter belonged to him. However, he still didn’t want to live with his wife because she cheated on him.

Most Redditors suggested the man hire a lawyer and start the divorce process as soon as possible because there was no point in delaying it.

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Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP was afraid of living alone?


It’s unclear why OP took four months to decide that he wanted to divorce his wife when he knew his marriage was already over. It might seem like the man was afraid of living without his wife and daughter. Others might say he was taking his time to process everything. What do you think?

Do you think his wife would try her best to prevent the divorce?

If his wife wanted to end their marriage, she would have filed for divorce months ago. However, she didn’t broach the subject, making it look like she had something in her mind. It might be possible that she would demand money in the name of child support to end their marriage legally. Or she might be afraid to lose the emotional and financial support she received from her husband’s side. Why do you think she wasn’t asking him for divorce?

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