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“I Will Be Rich Till I Die”: Slim Lady in Army Camo Turns Plenty Fufu for Sale in Large Pot, Video Goes Viral



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  • A slim lady who sells fufu prepared it in a large pot by using an incredible energy to turn it inside her kitchen
  • In a video she posted on TikTok, the lady apparently inspired by her hustle has said she will be rich till she dies
  • Postive reactions has followed the video after she posted it on Saturday, February 17 and it has amased 1.4 million views

A slim lady was seen in a viral TikTok video preparing fufu for sell in a gigantic aluminium pot.

In the inspiring video she posted, the lady, @fati_847used a lot of energy to turn the fufu.

Her video was recorded in an open kitchen which seems special built for such large-scale cooking.

Lady who prepared fufu in a large pot goes viral

She was dressed in a wine-coloured top and a pair of military camo trouser that hugged her body perfectly.

When she was done turning the fufu with her long and large spatula, she offloaded it from the aluminium pot into a large basin.


She then sat down and patiently wrapped it in smaller lumps. She has been praised for her expertise and hustling spirit.

The lady herself has declared that she will be rich till she dies. The video has received 1.4 million views on TikTok.

watch the video below:

Keep going dear. Don’t give up.”

@Queenraquel commented:


“You’re blessed.”

@Viral twins commented:

“When we dress and come and sit here, some people might think we’re from a rich home. But deeply this is what we go through personally. Bless up.”

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