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I Told Him You Have Been Looking At Me, Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend His Response Stunned Me



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I Told Him You Have Been Looking At Me, Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend His Response Stunned Me

I didn’t want to stay home after my national service so a month before national service ends, I started sending CVs around looking for a job. I will wake up in the morning, and move from office to office carrying nothing but a file full of CVs to distribute. Some offices gave me a good reception and later said no to me.

Others said no even before I told them what I was looking for. It didn’t discourage me, I went ahead sharing and praying something come out of it. One day, I saw a poster on the wall advertising a job. It said, “Workers wanted. Salary between Ghc200 to Ghc500. That was in 2013, GHC500 wasn’t much but my curiosity was piqued.

I took the number and decided to call them on Monday. I told a friend about it and she laughed at me. “Are you that desperate that you’ll pick numbers from posters on the wall for a job? You just completed service. Take your time and apply for better jobs with prestigious companies. You’re a university graduate and not an SHS leaver. Those jobs are mostly scams and you’ll end up giving them your own money.


Don’t waste your time.” I lost interest and forgot about the number. I kept seeing the posters around but I didn’t bother again. I kept moving from office to office. I added online jobs to it and later went through Daily Graphic looking for jobs that matched my qualification.

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When you’re in school, you think your course is the best thing that happened to humanity and as such, you will get a job right after you come out of the walls of the university. It’s when you complete school and starts reading vacancies that you realize you went to.CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE.>>>>>

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