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My wife is Being Brainwashed by Online Extreme Organisations and is a Covert Racist and Anti-Semite



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married couple who had been together for five years and had a daughter. They were usually happy, but something changed in the past year. The wife seemed distant and not fully present. The husband thought it was work stress and asked her if something was wrong. She said everything was fine, but he still felt worried.

The husband started to suspect that his wife might be cheating on him, even though he didn’t have any proof. Feeling anxious, he decided to check her phone without her knowing. He knew it was wrong, but he wanted to find out the truth and not be deceived.

To his surprise, he didn’t find any evidence of cheating. Instead, he discovered something shocking. His wife had made secret accounts on the internet pretending to be a man. She had joined hateful communities where people were racist and anti-Semitic.


She actively participated in posting mean things about different races, especially Jewish people. He also saw that she had become friends with many others who shared the same hateful beliefs.

It was hard for the husband to understand because his wife had never shown any signs of being racist or having extreme political views before.

She used to be a loving and easygoing woman who enjoyed reading and gardening. Now, it felt like she had become a completely different person, consumed by these extreme ideas. He suspected that she had been influenced by others online and had changed because of them.

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Finding out about this made the husband feel like their whole relationship was based on a lie. He didn’t recognize the person his wife had become, and he was especially worried about their daughter. He didn’t want his daughter to believe in these hateful ideas. He still loved his wife, but he didn’t know if their relationship could continue if this was who she truly was.


Feeling lost and unsure, the husband wondered what he should do. If you were in his position, what would you do?

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