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My Parents Were Married For 32 Years Until Dad Died, Mom Doesn’t Want To Attend The Funeral



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For the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing the same room with my mom. I sleep next to her on the same bed. I only have one job, that’s to ensure that she’s alright and she doesn’t do anything funny to herself. She hardly sleeps. She might close her eyes and pretend she’s sleeping but I see through the pretence.

When she sleeps she snores gently. When she’s pretending to sleep, that snore is absent. Instead, she’ll turn around and around until morning. Some nights, she sneaks out of the room to the hall and cries. I see her going out but I don’t follow her because there’s nothing in the hall she can use to hurt herself. She would be there, sobbing and calling out the name of my father.

There are two reasons why she cries. My dad is dead and he’s in the morgue as I write this. They’ve been married for thirty-two years and I’m their first child. I have two other siblings.


According to my mom, their marriage was arranged. It was their families that came together and decided that the two of them should get married. My dad loved my mom from day one. My mom didn’t love him. According to her, there was already a man in her life. A man that she loved with all her heart. So when her family came with that arrangement, she protested. She fought it with all her heart until..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE.>>>>>>>

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