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I Just Discovered that My Wife Is A Lesbian After Catching Her Having An Affair With My Housemaid Who Is Pregnant For Me-Man Laments



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I Just Discovered that My Wife Is A Lesbian After Catching Her Having An Affair With My Housemaid Who Is Pregnant For Me-Man Laments

Life they say is full of drama and different narratives.A young married man has just received the shock of his life with the revelation by his housemaid that his wife of four years and whom they both share two kids together is having an amorous relationship with the housemaid.

See his narrative as shared with popular relationship expert, Stephen Unoroh the anchor of getting it right with Stephen Unoroh.

Hello Stephen, please advise me on what to do.


I am a young man in my late thirties and married to this beautiful lady from one of the South West states in Nigeria, i am presently into real estate and importation.There is this issue that has been bothering me for a very long time and i really don’t know how to extricate myself from this web am caught in.

There is this maid of mine that was brought in by my wife to assist in the household chores about a year ago.For the purpose of this narrative let me simply refer to her as Shade although not her real name.

My wife brought in Shade despite having a housemaid aged about 14 years whom we train and she, in turn, assist with the care of my kids.

My kids are aged between 2 and 3. Initially, when my wife brought in Shade I was indifferent in the engagement of her services as she was very beautiful and well curved to be a housemaid, Also I noticed she had a good command of the English language.At first this made no striking effect on me as i felt she was just a smart girl who probably was unfortunate in not having a University educational background.

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Now every detail makes a whole lot of sense in the drama presently playing out in my household.

My wife also told me she was just 20 years of age.

Stephen this are all lies from the pit of hell and i feel so jilted that i don’t know how to proceed with my marriage.

Stephen my wife is a lesbian and having an affair with my maid or I would her say her lover.


Well, I am not a saint either as I have been having an affair with Shade as well.

How it all started.

There was a given day at about 3 am in the night I heard some slight moaning from the guest room which happens to be where Shade stays.Since the birth of my second daughter, my wife has been sleeping with my kids in their room leaving me all alone in my room.

On this particular day i woke up suddenly to get cold water from the kitchen as i was feeling really dehydrated while on my way to the kitchen i heared a funny sound from the direction of the maids room. On getting closer i saw the maid running out naked and she was shocked when she saw me at the doorstep.


I quickly turned my gaze away and hurriedly went back to my room without asking her any questions as i was feeling unusual with the sight of seeing her naked.

I never knew that day she was running away from my wife you was in the same room with her that night and demanding for more time of love making from her.

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Getting to my room my thoughts were occupied with her nakedness and i was carried away by her raw beauty.

I did all i could to work my self into Shade’s life after that unfortunate incidence.


Finally she agreed which she has confessed to me was because i started infusing money and valuables into the relationship.

Now fast forward to 2 days back, Shade called me during my work time and requested to see me saying she had an urgent message for me which she could not discuss at home, she told me she was already on her way to the office.

Shade on arrival told me she was just from the hospital and medical reports just indicated she was 3 weeks pregnant.

Wow, I was surprisingly elated and told her to keep the pregnancy and I would take care of her and the baby till when it was conducive for me to inform my wife and family about the development.I promised to get an apartment for her and get her a luxury car to show am keen on my wish.


It was at this point Shade broke down in tears and told me she was a lesbian and could not contemplate having kids and actually why she came was to let me know she was leaving and would abort the child.

She narrated that she was not even 20 but 26 and was dating my wife for the past 6 years beginning from their university days. She said she was not a maid but my wife’s love partner and she decided to move into how home to save my marriage as my wife said she could not do away with their illicit affairs.

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She said when she ran out from her room that night i first saw her was as a result of a rift between her and my wife who she accused of demanding for extra love time that night.

She said she gave in to me when she realized I was a nice guy who spoils her with money. She said so many things about their relationship which is not even appropriate to state here.


Amway to end this narrative, Shade has left me and am confused on how to go ahead with my marriage as I feel used and jilted.

Please advise me what do i do?

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