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The Food I Poisoned for my mother-in-law was Eaten by my Daughter- Woman weeps



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The Food I Poisoned for my mother-in-law was Eaten by my Daughter- Woman weeps

Being in love with your spouse necessarily mean you should also love their family. Some daughters in law are usually not seeing with same eye with their mothers in law. Hatred can cause evil thoughts to regret.

It was the 24th of November when Nono’s child, Owethu came back from school very hungry. Apparently she got home and found her grandmother (Gogo Ngubane) only who then offered her some food which was prepared by Nono for Gogo Ngubane. However she couldn’t let her granddaughter to suffer from hunger whereas she had food to give her.

Later on, the child started vomiting non stop, complaining about stomach cramps. The grandmother started screaming for help from Neigbours because she didn’t know what exactly was happening to her granddaughter. She even tried to call the Owethu’s mother who was never known where she was. Nono’s phone kept on ringing and ended up switching it off.


One of the neigbours called an ambulance to attend the issue because it was already out of hands and it was beyond everyone’s power. When the ambulance came, it was too late the poor child was already dead. Everyone was shocked they couldn’t believe it. While everyone was crying, Nono came and what she thought was that ‘Sewufile lomagogo losicefe’ meaning ‘that annoying hag has died’, only if she knew that she had stabbed herself with her own.

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When Nono was told the whole story, she broke into terrible tears and screaming. She was so distraught.

“Ma! Did you give my child the food I prepared for you?” Nono asking her mother in law furiously


Everyone just realised that Nono has obviously poisoned the food, she wanted to kill her mother-in-law. Police were also told that but Nono denied everything. They then took Owethu’s body to autopsy where they found out the cause of her death.

“She was poisoned with rat poison”, the pathologist gives statement to police.

The police got the warrant of arrest and went straight to Ngubane home to arrest Nono who is responsible for her daughter’s death. She tried to deny it but every evidence pointed her. Owethu’s father has made sure that this evil woman doesn’t get any bail.

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