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Single Woman Adopts Two Kids, Then Discovers Similar Marks on Their Bodies — Story of the Day



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A single woman made the decision to start a family by adopting a child. However, after discovering a child with similar looks, she starts to wonder who they really are.

Alexa was a single mother who worked tirelessly to make a better life for herself. She grew up an orphan, getting transferred from one foster home to the other, but she was able to turn things around with her dedication.

She worked a well-paying job as an online customer care representative where she made just enough to cover her rent and feed herself.

Alexa worked there for years before getting promoted to the team manager position, after which she started earning more. The raise gave her more confidence, and she started chewing on the idea of raising kids.


She knew if she saved long enough, she could afford to adopt a child. So five years after she first had the thought, Alexa started the process and she eventually became the legal adoptive mother of a two-year-old boy.

The new mother was very happy with the child, and she named him Paul. Everything she did was done with her child in mind from then on.

When she realized things might get more difficult for them on her limited salary, she registered for a GED and started taking night classes for a course that would let her work as a secretary at a business firm.

While she did that, she kept up her job as a customer care representative and carved out time for her son. Three months after she adopted him, the adoption agency called her with urgent news.


“We happened upon a young girl in need of a foster home and are prepared to send her your way if you’re willing to care for her,” the adoption agent told her when she picked up the phone.

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Alexa knew what it was like being in an orphanage hoping to get adopted by friendly people, and the thought of leaving the girl alone to that fate just didn’t sit right with her. Still, she had to think about the cost of raising another kid.

“Miss Reynolds? Are you there?” the voice on the other end of the line said.

“Huh — sure, yes I am and I’ll take her,” she said.


The next day, she made a trip to the orphanage to pick up the little girl. Immediately after Alexa set eyes on her, she was struck by how similar the girl looked to her son. They had the same pert nose and dimpled chins.

“It could simply be a coincidence,” she thought to herself.

However, as she kept caring for the kids, their similarities became more obvious. She noticed that both her daughter, Mary, and her son, Paul, who were the same age, had the same birthmarks on their bodies.

It was a black teardrop shaped stain that stood out against the inside of their pale thighs. Paul’s was located on his right thigh and so was Mary’s — Alexa could not shake the feeling that both kids were twins.


“That’s weird,” she thought.

Later that day, Alexa called the orphanage to inquire about their births.

“Hello, I need to know if the two kids I’ve taken are in any way related,” she told the person on the other end of the phone.

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“Please stay on the line, Miss Reynolds, while I check their files.”


After waiting a minute, the agent returned and revealed that the babies were registered to have come from different mothers.

“Is it possible for there to have been a mix–up during registration?” Alexa pressed.

“Are you saying our workers are incapable?” the agent demanded to know.

“Not at all, agent, I simply want to be sure as the two children look awfully alike.”


“No ma’am, there could not have been a mix-up. If they look alike it must be providence,” the agent answered, obviously hoping to end the call quickly.

“Can you give me the name of both mothers? Just to make sure they are not the same?” Alexa asked.

“We are not allowed to give out personal information. Do have a good day Miss Reynolds,” the agent said before ending the call.

Regardless of what the orphanage told her, Alexa was convinced the kids were from the same mother, so she decided to investigate things herself. She somehow managed to track down the truth — her kids were actually twins whose mother died in childbirth.


That clue led Alexa to the person who put both kids up for adoption. It was the late woman’s brother. He had given the kids different last names, so it would seem like they were from two different women.

After Alexa’s discovery, she decided to have a DNA test conducted on her children which confirmed that both Paul and Mary were indeed related. But that was not the end.

A few months had passed when Alexa got a phone call. This time it was from Paul and Mary’s biological uncle; he had a confession.

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“My sister welcomed triplets, not twins,” he said. “You have the boy and the girl but there’s yet another boy and he needs a home,” the man said.


“Where has he been?” Alexa asked after she got over the shock.

“With another family,” he said. “I wanted them to raise him because they have always wanted a child, but it turns out they are not suitable parents, so I think you should raise the kid.”

She made a trip to get the child, and just like that, she became the mother of three beautiful kids. She finished her GED and found a second job that paid her well enough to care for all three kids, and they lived happily from then on.

What did we learn from this story?


Never stop becoming the best version of yourself. Alexa was skilled to hold down her first job, but she knew she had to find a better one when she took up maternal responsibilities. To solve that problem, she channeled energy into getting a GED and eventually a better job that could cater to her and the kids.

It is important to keep improving if you wish to advance in life.
Leave the world a better place than you met it. Alexa spent many years in an orphanage, and when she grew up, she used her little resources to save three children from the same fate by adopting them. She knew it would be tough, but that did not deter her from doing what she felt was the right thing.

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