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I Have an Opportunity to Travel Out but My Husband is Against it- Woman Laments



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I am a mother of twin girls both aged four. My husband is a masters degree holder and a staff in one of the government owned secondary schools in Jos. I, on the other hand, is a Junior Lecturer at the University of Jos. I have a Masters in Health Science and I have been applying for a better job for a long time now. This is because I have been working as a junior lecturer for long without any form of promotion. I have written to different bodies but none seem to be looking at my application for promotion of which I am due.

My husband is very aware of my situation at work and it has fueled my quest for a better job. In addition, I earn more than my husband and as such handle most of the family bills without complaining. My husband is a good man, no doubt. We have also been searching for a better job for him since his job pays him peanut. Mostly, I apply for jobs abroad and also PhD programs that offer scholarships. I have been unsuccessful after numerous trials but I never give up. I have an old classmate who is very close to me and currently abroad.

She sends me job openings from time to time as well as PhD opportunities. With the help of this my friend, I got a job abroad. This jobs offers me the opportunity to travel with my husband and children but my husband says he isn’t willing to travel.

I find this really challenging and I don’t know how to handle it. I have been applying and praying for opportunities like this for ages and he is very much aware of it. He has also applied for some openings as well and it didn’t work. We both used to discuss about this and we even agreed that whoever gets the opportunity first should go.

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I have gotten the opportunity now, not just for myself but got the entire family and he suddenly doesn’t want to move with us. I feel very confused. This is a man that knows all the struggles. I pay seventy percent of the bills in this house without complaining.

I have literally become older than my age because I overwork myself to feed the family and now I have an escape route for our family he isn’t cooperating. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t have any business establishment here in Nigeria that will stop him from leaving. He has absolutely nothing so what is his excuse?

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