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How Woman Finds Hidden Safe in a Fireplace after Buying New House, Looks inside with a Spycam



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A woman had quite an adventure inside her new home after finding a safe around the chimney spot. She and her family members decided to find out what was in it using a spycam.

Everyone loves a good adventure, but what happens when it comes in the form of a safe wedged in one’s new home? A TikTok user had quite the experience when she caught other users’ attention as she uploaded a quick clip showing her in her newly-bought home.

The woman, alongside her mom and dad, found a conspicuously-hidden safe close to the chimney and wondered what could be in it. They wasted no time getting to work and trying to find out what was inside.


The woman whose TikTok name read “Fireplace Safe” sounded amused in the first clip she uploaded, letting other users know about what she found. The camera was placed at a farther point, covering the expanse of the fireplace.

The woman constantly gave updates about what was happening as she moved closer to the fireplace. She showed her aged dad sitting on the floor with some tools in his hands.

Finally, the pair agreed it was a safe as the older adult proceeded to pry open some pieces of wood used to conceal it. The wood revealed a grey-colored safe at the bottom part of the brick fireplace and chimney area.

She explained that they had found the safe while looking around the house. In the clip, her mom heartily suggested that there could be gold or billions of dollars hidden inside.

The lady took the camera closer and showed that there were holes in the space where the combination lock was supposed to be. However, the safe had a handle, but they discovered the safe was still locked after it was twisted.

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In a follow-up video, the young lady explained her research concerning the type of safe they found while noting that the house was built in the 1950s. She displayed a few slides showing her online search for the type of safe.

The woman made sure to look among safes built in the 1990s before discovering the brand was Sentry Valueguard. She shared images of what the chimney looked like while adding that the former owners never discovered there was a safe.

Before the clip ended, the lady showed that she had alerted some engineers who came in with drills and had already opened some parts of the wood around the safe. She stated that because there were holes on the drill, it was likely someone had initially opened it.


A third clip was shared showing that the fireplace was a different look. The chimney pipe earlier found in the first clip had been taken off. In addition, the safe, which appeared to have been newly painted, was now black.

The house owner was once again behind the camera with other people, presumably her family members or pal sitting around the house. One person spoke about the paint, indicating that the house had been under renovation.

The lady asked people in the clip what they thought could be in the safe, and one person just felt it would be filled with old cherished items.

Everyone went close to the now-black safe as someone whined the remaining parts of the removed combination lock.

After a few seconds, the lock sounded like it was opening, and after a few kicks, it clicked open. At this point, the video had neared the end, as it went blank, leaving more suspense..

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In the final clips, screams could be heard while the safe was opened. Then, the camera was once again panned closer, and the items in the safe were revealed.

Contrary to speculations, there were no hidden treasures, but it contained someone’s cherished possessions. Lying in the safe were items including a box containing a World War II medal.


The people in the video, including the house owner, all speculated on what the items signified. More coins were found, but the owner showed she was worried about getting the items out.

They transferred the items from the safe and heartily checked through the newspaper, trying to discover what was in the news in the 1850s.

Many TikTok-ers in the comment section felt the items should be adequately kept because they could be of great value..

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