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How Little White Boy Refuses to Move until His Black Friend Comes into His Hospital Ward



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The importance, value, and power of true friendship cannot be overemphasized. These days, a good friend is hard to come by, and if one is lucky to find any, they should cherish them for the rest of their lives. Find out how a lovely bond between two children changed one of their lives.

Friendship serves as a critical foundation in a child’s life. Good friends grow together, and if their bond stays intact, they remain together from the cradle to the grave.

Also, healthy friendships benefit children by creating a sense of belonging and security and reducing stress. Although the benefits of friendship for early childhood development are mostly overlooked, the company can have a tremendous impact on mental and physical health.

Research has shown that establishing friendships remains a vital developmental goal for children. Apart from being essential for development, a healthy friendship also has healing power, and a friend’s love and support are capable of magical things.

Two racially different children were a testament to the above fact. They showed the world how a beautiful friendship could go a long way in changing someone’s life. Let’s look at the full details of this exciting story.


Seven-year-old and eight-year-old second graders, Rush Monday and Quinton Neal first met each other in pre-kindergarten. Rush was three, while Quinton was four, and despite being racially different, it did not hinder their friendship from blossoming.

The pair were inseparable as the years went by, eventually becoming best friends. Rush and Quinton were so close that they would tell everyone who cared to know that they were brothers from another mother. Also, their families were united and referred to the boys as “shared sons.”

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The little boys’ friendship went beyond dressing alike. They also helped each other at their lowest points, and this was confirmed when Rush was involved in a near-fatal accident.


In October 2018, Rush’s mom, Tara Monday, drove with her daughter, Leila, and her seven-year-old son. According to Tara’s narration to CBS News, the weather was terrible, and out of nowhere, a car crossed the center line and collided with her head-on.

Unfortunately, out of the three, Rush was the most injured. Immediately, paramedics rushed the family of three to the hospital and separated them into different rooms. The little boy had suffered internal bleeding and had to undergo surgery.

When Rush’s best friend heard about the accident and its severity, he was very devastated. However, his mom, Shamicka Neal, encouraged her little boy to control his emotions and be strong for Rush

According to Shamicka, Quinton agreed, and they decided to visit Rush in the hospital. On the other hand, Rush had already undergone surgery, but Tara revealed that her son was depressed about his situation. In her words:

“Rush was feeling very scared and sad and defeated. He’s only 7. He was in a lot of pain. And he didn’t want to move. He did not want to get up and walk.”


However, as soon as Rush heard his best friend was coming, his mood changed, and he became more cheerful. The following words that Rush would utter would leave Tara in shock. “When Quinton comes, I’ll get up and walk,” were the little boy’s words.

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Exactly as he had promised, Rush tried to walk again when Quinton came to see him. At first, it was difficult, seeing that Quinton was smaller in stature, but his presence was everything the ailing boy needed to try again..

While the duo walked arm in arm through the hospital corridor, someone took a snapshot of the beautiful moment and shared it on social media.

The post went viral, with netizens confirming how much of an emotional sight it was. A few days after Rush’s first few steps, his family and friends hosted a party for him to celebrate his recovery. 

Also, Quinton and his best friend played some games, and even though Rush had more recovering to do, it was a joy to see him smiling again

Tara could not be prouder of her son because of his recovery and the enviable bond he shared with Quinton, despite the difference in size and race. Tara confessed:

“They don’t see in size difference, they don’t see in color differences. We don’t see like that. And we want Rush and Quinton just to show the world, ‘Hey, it doesn’t have to stop when you’re seven and eight. It can be like this all the time.’”.


On the other hand, Rush and Quinton were asked how close they were, and they had only one response. In unison, they said, “We’re brothers from another mother.”

Rush and Quinton’s bond remains that age, size, and race are not determining factors in establishing a healthy friendship. In a world where racism and hate are paramount, let this story be a reminder that good friendships still exist, and love can still thrive.

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