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Everything Was Going On Fine Until She Dipped His Hand Into My Boxers



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We were friends for a very long time but we never met. She knew I was in Dansoman and I also knew she lived in Ablekuma. That was it. We exchanged photos and even had a video chat on some nights. I called her beautiful and she said I was a nice guy. The day I proposed to her, she bounced me flat. I asked why and she told me she had someone in her life.

We didn’t stop talking until one day she called to tell me she was in my neighbourhood for a wedding. I jovially said, “Then why don’t you come around for dinner after the wedding?” She took me seriously and asked what I had in my house. I asked if she was coming and she asked me to send her the location. She came at around 9 pm. I took her to a nearby restaurant and we ate and drank to our fill. At around 11 pm, she told me she had to go. Again I asked, “At this time? I have a big place. You can sleep over and…..Read Full Story Here.…….

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