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I often feel jealous of my twin sister because of the benefit she getting from this man



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My sister and I are fraternal twins, which means that we don’t look the same. We have different appearances.

We used to engage in similar activities during our time in school, and now we find ourselves pursuing education at the same university. However, approximately a year ago, a significant change occurred in my sister’s life when she entered into a relationship with a generous benefactor, commonly referred to as a sugar daddy.

This individual provides her with financial support, leading to a complete transformation in her lifestyle. She now resides in a charming apartment located in the heart of the city, and she has been fortunate enough to embark on exciting journeys to various destinations.

As I observe these remarkable changes, it becomes increasingly challenging for me not to experience a blend of envy and resentment, primarily due to the fact that she receives these opportunities predominantly based on society’s preference for physical attractiveness.


Recently, my sister expressed an interest in establishing her own business venture. Through her connection with her sugar daddy, she was introduced to potential investors who showed a keen interest in supporting her entrepreneurial aspirations.

While I recognize that it is my responsibility to be happy for her and acknowledge her achievements, I find it incredibly difficult to quell the frustration that wells up within me. It seems that she effortlessly glides through life, while I must diligently exert myself to attain even the most modest of goals. This stark contrast in our respective experiences becomes a constant source of anger and dissatisfaction.

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Nevertheless, it is essential to emphasize that my love for my sister remains unwavering. I genuinely desire her success and happiness, irrespective of my personal struggles. I am fully aware that she has never intentionally boasted about her accomplishments or attempted to belittle my own endeavors.

Yet, the bitterness within me continues to grow, creating a divide between us. Recognizing the detrimental effect this could have on our relationship, I am determined to find a way to overcome these negative emotions and restore harmony in our bond. It is my sincere aspiration to appreciate her achievements genuinely and sincerely, while also focusing on my own journey without allowing resentment to taint our connection.


How can I let go of my anger towards her? Can anyone offer advice on overcoming these feelings of bitterness?

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