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My girlfriend constantly feels unhappy because she believes she isn’t the most attractive woman I’ve ever dated, despite her being beautiful in her own unique way



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My girlfriend has been acting insecure lately, and it’s been causing some issues between us. Recently, she asked me if she was the most attractive girl I had ever dated. It turns out she had been looking at my ex-girlfriends’ social media profiles and comparing herself to them. I reassured her that she is the most attractive person to me, but she didn’t believe me and got more and more upset.


Eventually, I felt like I had no choice but to explain that, from a purely surface-level perspective, one of my exes, who happened to be a model, could be considered “hotter.” But I also made it clear that I chose to be with my girlfriend because of who she is as a person, and looks aren’t the most important thing to me in a relationship.

Unfortunately, my explanation didn’t go over well. She thinks I was being mean and now she keeps saying she wants to be the “hottest” girlfriend I’ve ever had. She believes that if someone loves you, there shouldn’t be anyone else who is more attractive. I, on the other hand, think that there’s always someone out there who might be considered more physically attractive, but that doesn’t diminish the love I have for her.


It’s important to understand that both of us have valid feelings in this situation. My girlfriend’s insecurities are making her doubt herself and seek validation. It’s important for me to approach this issue with kindness and understanding. Instead of arguing about who’s objectively hotter, we should focus on building her self-confidence and reaffirming my love and commitment to her.

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We need to talk openly and honestly about our feelings without judgment. I want her to feel safe sharing her concerns with me. I also want to remind her that physical appearance is just one part of what makes someone attractive. Our connection is based on so much more than looks, like our emotional bond and shared values.


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