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Go Back To Africa! Racist White Woman Tell Black Neighbors For Body Shaming Her (Video)



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A Tallahassee mom was standing outside in her bikini when a neighbor criticized her body and her tiny bikini. One of the critics recorded the woman’s following rant. The video shows the furious woman quarreling with a group of people, presumed to be Black, and a dog is heard barking in the background.

The woman, who appeared drunk, yelled: “Look at your body! Look at her body!”

She kept on ranting, telling a neighbor that they “should have stayed in Africa.”

A man is heard shouting, “Black don’t crack!” and the bikini-clad woman replies, “Crack is black!”


She continues, “You should have stayed in Africa, and you can go back there. It’s free. You can go back to Africa if you want to.” Angry, she stumbled as she waved her cigarette around, shouting: “Then you can take your Washington, Jefferson last names.” The person recording the incident says, “Don’t say nothing else,” as the woman throws her arms around as she stumbles about.

Let me get the tag number,” the camerawoman stated and panned the camera to the car’s license plate. This only served to further outrage the woman. She yelled, “Martin Luther was f***ing White people the day he died!”

The people around the woman seemed embarrassed for her, with the woman’s daughter grabbing her by the arm and asking her to stop. However, she seemed to remain undeterred.

Her daughter tried to get her to sit in the car, but she refused, resuming her tirade: “Why don’t you speak your own language?” The camerawoman states that she’s American and speaks English, to which the woman shouts, “You’re English? You’re from England? Really?” The video cuts off at this point.

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