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Woman Leaves Empty Seat for Late Son at Her Wedding, Sees Unfamiliar Man Occupy It – Story of the Day



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Woman Leaves Empty Seat for Late Son at Her Wedding, Sees Unfamiliar Man Occupy It – Story of the Day

While planning her wedding, Jennifer decided to leave an empty seat for her son, Rowley, who died a few years earlier after a motorcycle accident. But on her special day, someone was on Rowley’s seat, and she was angry, until her groom, John, explained the shocking reason.

“I think we’ll leave this seat at the front for Rowley. What do you think, John?” Jennifer asked her fiancé. She was planning her wedding and decided to make a seating chart for the ceremony and the reception. There would always be a special place for her late son, Rowley.

Jennifer became a mother at 16, and Rowley was the light of her life. She never regretted having him. Unfortunately, he loved motorcycles, and on his 18th birthday, he got into an accident on the streets of Texas. He was declared brain dead immediately.


Rowley was an organ donor, so it gave Jennifer solace that part of his body still lived somehow. Her son managed to save several people because of his organs.

“Honey, you literally had his heart right on the spot you planned for him.”

Through the course of her grief, Jennifer met John, who supported her through everything. She knew he was the right man for her, and she wished Rowley could’ve met him. She often thought Rowley sent John so she wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Jennifer planned her wedding two years after Rowley’s death, and she still wished he was there. One of her friends suggested saving an empty spot in his honor, and Jennifer thought it was the best idea possible.

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“That sounds great, honey. Let’s do that. You can put him next to your parents since that’s where he would be anyway,” John suggested, and Jennifer nodded with a smile. John helped her keep the memory of Rowley alive at every turn, and that’s why she fell in love with him so quickly.


On the day of her wedding, Jennifer felt more emotional than ever. She was on the verge of tears many times, although she never knew if it was happiness or sadness that her son was not there. But she had her parents, the rest of her family, and tons of friends to support her. Moreover, Rowley would be there in spirit.

The wedding march came on, and she started walking with her father, her hand on his arm, trying to hold herself steady. As she approached the end of the aisle toward John, she saw something out of the corner of her eye that jolted her. She tried to be discreet, but she couldn’t help reacting when she noticed someone sitting on Rowley’s spot.


It was a young man, possibly in his early or mid-20s, and she didn’t recognize him. “Dad, who is that?” she whispered as quietly as she could.

Hush, darling. Look at John and smile,” her father responded, and Jennifer couldn’t understand.

“Do you know who he is?”

“Focus, Jen,” her dad said, avoiding her question again as he continued walking. When they arrived at the end, she kept herself from asking so as not to ruin the occasion. But she was insanely angry that someone was sitting on the seat she reserved for Rowley. How dare him!

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But it was time to get married and act happy for her future husband, who was smiling at her, and she melted like an ice cube. The minister carried on with the ceremony, the couple said their vows, and everyone cheered when they kissed at the end.

The newlyweds walked down the aisle to the cheers of their family and flashes of cameras, but as soon as they got in the car, Jennifer had to bring it up. “John, do you know who was sitting on Rowley’s spot? My dad didn’t want to answer me,” she questioned, her eyes filled with concern.

“I do know, my love. But I want to introduce you to him at the reception,” John answered, but his words didn’t ease her worries.

“John, you know how important that spot was for me today. I worried about that all throughout the ceremony. Please, just tell me,” Jennifer begged, and John didn’t have the heart to keep it from her any longer.


“Okay, okay. His name is Dave, and darling, he was the recipient of Rowley’s heart,” John revealed, and Jennifer’s eyes widened in shock. “Honey, you literally had your son’s heart right on the spot you planned for him.”

Are you serious?” Jennifer asked, unable to get the question out without catching her breath.

“Yes, darling. It was my surprise for you, and Dave is dying to meet you. His mother is also here. I wanted you to have a part of Rowley in the wedding, and this is the best I could do,” John added, explaining more in detail while Jennifer tried not to bawl her eyes out.

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My makeup is going to be ruined, but I’m so glad I know now,” Jennifer cried, hugging her new husband, knowing she had made the best decision of her life choosing him.


At the reception, John introduced her to Dave, who thanked her profusely, and Dave’s mother gave Jennifer the biggest hug in the world. “I don’t know how to thank you for your sacrifice. But I’ll be grateful forever,” the woman said, tears falling from her eyes

Thank you for coming here,” Jennifer told them, her tears marring her makeup, but she didn’t care anymore. She could fix it in a second.

While everyone was having dinner and rejoicing during the reception, Dave gave Jennifer a stethoscope, so she could listen to Rowley’s heart beating. She cried once again and felt like Rowley was actually there in more than just his spirit.

Dave and Jennifer kept in touch over the years, and she was always glad to know that her son lived on in some ways.


What can we learn from this story?

Organ donation is one of the most generous acts anyone can do. So many people need transplants, and anyone who registers as an organ donor is a hero.
Choose a partner who knows how to make you happy. John knew exactly how to make Jennifer happy on their wedding day, and his present was invaluable.

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