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Ungrateful Girl Throws Mom’s Present in Trash & Calls It ‘Stupid,’ Few Minutes She Got The Unexpected



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A mother was surprised to see her daughter’s strange reaction when she gifted her a trendy pencil case that most girls wished they had.

Instead of losing her temper with the little girl, the single mother gathered herself and instantly came up with a plan to teach the girl a lesson.

She shared her inspiring story on Facebook to set an example for other parents going through similar circumstances. Her Facebook post quickly went viral after 60,000 people shared it, and more than 136,000 users reacted to it.



Gratefulness is one of the most important traits a person needs to live a peaceful life. Without being grateful, a person’s life can become miserable in no time.

It’s important to realize that not everyone in this world is as blessed as you. Some people wish they could live in your shoes, and they can go to any extent to exchange their lives with yours.

People who are hard to please usually get nothing in return because most luxuries fail to satisfy them. Little Presleigh learned this vital life lesson the hard way.



The 6-year-old girl’s mother, Haley Hassell, raised her single-handedly after she parted ways with the girl’s father. She worked hard as a nurse to ensure that she could fulfill all of her daughter’s wishes.

Haley spent most of the day in the hospital while little Presleigh waited for her mother to return home soon. The two would spend only a few hours together, but they ensured they made the most out of it.

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Haley wrote in her Facebook post:

“I have worked so hard to completely take care of her financially on my own & make sure she always gets what she needs.”



Despite Haley being absent most of the time, Presleigh still appreciated her efforts and understood why her mother returned late from work on weekdays.

However, one day, things took a different turn when Haley got a present for her daughter, hoping she would love it. The 6-year-old threw a tantrum that didn’t sit well with her.

Instead of losing her temper, she came up with a plan to teach her a lesson.
After seeing her reaction, she wanted to scold Presleigh, but she chose not to. Instead, she instantly came up with a plan to teach her a lesson she would remember forever.



Haley said she visited three stores earlier that day to find the perfect pink-colored pencil case. She wanted to get something trendy for her daughter.

When she visited the third store, she saw a beautiful pencil box and immediately bought it, thinking Presleigh would love it. Little did she know what was waiting for her at home.

When she gave the present to her daughter, she held it, stared at it, and flipped it into the bin. The fuming mother revealed what Presleigh said:


“She yelled, ‘that’s stupid, everyone in my class has that. I don’t want it anymore!’”

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She slammed the bedroom door while her mother stood outside, wondering why she threw an unexpected tantrum. Haley wanted to barge into her room and scold her, but she controlled her anger.

Instead of losing her temper, she came up with a plan to teach her a lesson. She wrote:


“I thought I had always taught her to be grateful & know how lucky she was, but apparently sis needed a small wake-up call!!”


Trying her best to stay calm, she took a deep breath before telling her daughter that she had another pencil box for her. She returned from the kitchen holding a small Ziploc bag.

Presleigh couldn’t believe that her mother wanted her to carry her stationery in a plastic bag. Suddenly, the pink pouch seemed like a better option to her.


When she told her mother that she wanted the pink pencil box, she said it was too late. Haley asked her to pick the pencil box out of the trash can because they would give it to someone who deserved it.


In her Facebook post, the young mother revealed that she would donate the pencil box to a family who couldn’t afford to buy it while her daughter would use the Ziploc bag.

After she explained to Presleigh that she wasn’t entitled to have all the good things in life and that many children dream of living the life she has, it changed her perception.

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Presleigh agreed to donate the brand new pencil box to someone in need and didn’t object to carrying her stationery in the Ziploc bag to school.

After Haley’s post went viral, a mother from Arkansas contacted her and said she agreed with her post because she couldn’t afford to buy school supplies for her children.

Haley instantly decided to send the mother the pencil box and school supplies. She bought the supplies and packed everything nicely to send it to the mother through the mail.

Presleigh realized how privileged she was because she never had to worry about things like that. The incident made her learn how to be grateful that she wouldn’t have known otherwise.



In a world where thousands of people are struggling to meet their basic needs, it’s essential for us not to turn gifts down no matter what their value is. Like Presleigh, most of us would wish to have the gift if someone took it from us.

Do you think Haley did the right thing by asking her daughter to take a Ziploc bag to teach her a lesson? What would you do if your child threw a tantrum like that?

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