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“I Started this Business with Just N25,000”: Smart Female Corper Makes Millions in Barely 6 Months



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A 25-year-old corps member started a thrift (okrika) business barely six months ago with N25,000 but today, she’s earning millions. In an exclusive interview with THETALK.NG’s Shalom Ankrah, she spilled the tea about her business and how she gained prominence.

I started with N25,000

The youth corps member identified as Abdulrouff Opeyemi Meeinah said and started her business on the 15th of August, 2022

She started with chiffon tops and was amazed when she sold 30 pieces in just one week.

In her words:


“I’m 25 years. Started on the 15th of august 2022. I started my thrift business with 25,000 naira that time and I started with Chiffon tops which I got from a vendor on Instagram.

“The tops were sold for 25k for 30 pieces so I sold for 1,000 naira each. And I made profit of 5,000 like after a week of posting.”

Meeinah expanded her business to shirts

After seeing how successful and fast the Chiffon sale was, Meeinah expanded her business to include the sales of shirts.

“I sold everything and I was amazed coz people really rushed because I sold for 1,000 naira each. My next purchase was checkers shirts.

Utilising the power of TikTok

Meeinah said TikTok app helped her business and enabled her to get visibility.

She narrated:


From then I started advising my business on TikTok. I won’t even lie TikTok really helped my business. Within a year I already have over 5,000 followers on Instagram and most of them are from TikTok.

“And I use to do sponsored ads on Instagram too. At least 2 times in a month.

My motivation and drive

The 25-year-old who currently earns millions from her business said she delved into the business due to her passion for it.

According to her, she didn’t jump on the business because someone asked her to or because she wanted to ‘copy’ someone.

In her words:

“So to cut the long story short, the only thing that gave me courage was because I love my business.

“I did not start because someone was doing it. I started becoz I have passion for it and I put all my energy into my advert skills.”

My advice for young ones

The hardworking lady advised young people to have passion for what they do because it’s the only thing that will give them the courage to continue whenever the going gets tough.


“So my advice for young people is that they should have passion what for whichever business they want to do it’s only the passion that will keep them moving. I have experienced bad bad things in the business ooo. But I’m still learning and I’m so happy I did not give up. I am currently serving and I earn millions”, Meeinah said.

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