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“Uncovering a Painful Truth: My Mother’s Secret Affair, I Don’t Know If I Should Tell My Father About It”



"Uncovering a Painful Truth: My Mother's Secret Affair, I Don’t Know If I Should Tell My Father About It"
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Recently, my mother went out for drinks at a bar with a friend of hers, whom I’ll refer to as C. C’s son happens to be friends with my younger brother, and my mom and C have been friends for a while. Given these circumstances, I didn’t initially feel concerned about them having drinks alone, especially since my dad is away from home due to work.


Coincidentally, I have a friend who works at the bar they went to. She reached out to me via text, explaining that she witnessed some inappropriate behavior between my mom and C. Apparently, both of them became excessively intoxicated and engaged in kissing, which eventually led them to the restroom together. Shockingly, my friend also observed them getting into C’s car, where their actions escalated further, including removing clothes. Finding it hard to believe, I decided to verify this information by reaching out to one of my mom’s coworkers, who confirmed the unsettling story.



In a state of disbelief, I made multiple attempts to call my mom, but she only picked up when she was already on her way home. I simply asked if she was okay and if she needed a ride home, to which she declined, assuring me she could make it back by herself.


My parents have been married for over 15 years, and despite the recent events, they still appear happy together. This unexpected situation has left me feeling lost and uncertain about what to do. Currently, I have been avoiding my mother, attempting to act as if nothing has happened. The thought of confronting her is difficult because I fear her emotional distress. However, I also feel an obligation to inform my dad about what occurred, even though I’m afraid that doing so could worsen the situation for our family.

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Considering the circumstances, I am uncertain whether this is the first time my mother has engaged in such behavior. I have been in a state of shock ever since the incident, and I am genuinely at a loss regarding the best course of action.

Should I discuss this situation with either of my parents? If so, what would be the most appropriate approach?

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