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She Was Helpless: Sad Lady Got Abandoned by her Friends in Another Country, Without Knowing What She Would Later Achieve



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Maggie Jones was a 24-year-old woman who hadn’t had the best start in her adult life. She had just finished college when the country she was living in entered into a very bad recession. This led to lots of people being made redundant or unable to find jobs. Due to her specialized degree, Maggie was unfortunately one of these people who couldn’t find a job, as no one wanted to hire a person fresh out of college without experience.

One night, she was out with her friends and told them of her predicament. She explained that she only had enough money for one month’s rent before she would be forced out of the house and onto the streets. All of Maggie’s friends sympathized with her as they had faced similar problems with the terrible economy. They then told Maggie that they had decided to go into business together—buying, renovating, and selling houses.


They explained that the best way to do this would be to sell their old homes and move to a new country with a better economy. With the money from selling their homes, they would be able to get a good start on their business plan. Ecstatic at the idea of finally making some money for herself, Maggie eagerly agreed to join the plan and sell her home.

Within the next few weeks, all the paperwork was signed, and the deal went through. The young woman was now homeless. With the first part of the plan successful, Maggie and her friends booked a train to the country they had decided to restart their lives in. The first few days went well, and Maggie and her friends enjoyed seeing the sights of the new country and planning where they would buy their first houses.


However, on the fourth day, Maggie awoke in the hotel on her own. She looked everywhere for her friends and tried to call them several times, only for their phones to go straight to voicemail. To make matters worse, it turned out that they had actually scammed Maggie and taken all the money she had gotten from the sale of her home.

With no money to buy a ticket back to her own country or even to pay for another night in the hotel, Maggie soon found herself on the streets of an incredibly strange country. She had no way to talk to the locals as she didn’t understand their language. With no money and no way to get a job, Maggie soon found herself going hungry throughout the days. However, no matter how desperate she got, she wouldn’t allow herself to resort to stealing the food she needed. Instead, the woman began to do the only thing she could think of—begging for money or food.

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As the days went by, she would have various levels of success. Sometimes she would gather enough to be able to buy herself a sandwich and a hot drink, while on other days, she would sadly go to sleep hungry. After a few particularly bad days, Maggie knew that she would have to find food in a different way. She approached a cozy little cafe that she had often passed on her walks down the street and looked inside. The smell of fresh bread and pastries made the young woman’s stomach rumble with hunger.

Wanting to get a better look at the food, Maggie walked into the cafe and sat down at an empty table. She watched as people entered the shop and bought what they wanted. After waiting for a few minutes, Maggie noticed a couple getting up to leave, leaving behind half a pastry and half a cup of coffee. Starving, the young woman looked around cautiously before making her way over to the table and sitting down to finish the food.


As she took a bite of the food, however, one of the waiters walked up to her table. He told the woman that he had seen what she had done and demanded that she leave the shop and never return. Initially, Maggie didn’t understand what he had said and replied back in an obviously different accent. Seeing that she wasn’t a local, the waiter told her once again to leave, this time in her own language.

Despairing at the situation and the fact that she might not be able to find something to eat again, Maggie began begging with the waiter to let her stay. But with each passing moment, the man simply got more and more irate. He told her that he didn’t want homeless people in the shop and that she was disturbing the other customers. Moreover, he thought that she was using drugs due to her unkempt appearance and didn’t want her harming the other customers.


Seeing that there was no other option for her, Maggie stood up from her chair and began to make her way outside. Just then, a man named Vincent appeared from the back of the shop, having come down the steps which led to the office located above it. The man asked the waiter what was going on, to which he told Vincent, who was the owner of the cafe, that Maggie had wandered into the shop intent on stealing food due to being homeless.

The young woman hung her head, ready to be told to leave. However, what happened next shocked her. Instead of kicking her out of his shop, Vincent kindly guided Maggie over to a table and asked her to sit down. Once she was comfortable, the owner then asked his waiter to bring over a selection of pastries and some coffee for the young woman to enjoy. Annoyed, the waiter tried to argue, but he was quickly shut down and did what his boss asked of him.

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Once the food and drink were laid out in front of her, Maggie quickly began to eat. Just then, the boss sat down opposite her with his own cup of tea. He asked the young woman how she had come to live on the streets, to which Maggie told him her story of how she had been tricked and abandoned by her friends in a different country. Vincent was heartbroken at Maggie’s story. How could someone just abandon one of their friends like that, he thought to himself.

Both the manager and Maggie sat in silence for a few minutes while the young woman finished her food. Once she was done, she thanked the man for his kindness and told him he was the first person to show such sympathy for her, and she would never forget it. Maggie then made her way outside of the shop. However, after only walking a few steps, Vincent emerged from the cafe and called her back.


Maggie stopped, confused as to what he wanted. The man then told Maggie that he wanted to help her and that he would be happy to teach her the country’s language and give her a job in his shop once she was ready. Unable to believe what was happening, Maggie immediately accepted. She was so grateful to the man that she had only just met that she didn’t know how to thank him. Vincent just smiled and told her that he didn’t need thanks, as he was happy to help someone in need.

Five years passed, and in that time, Maggie had made herself a new home in the country she had been abandoned in. She had quickly picked up the local language and dialect and was able to start working at Vincent’s quite soon after he had promised to give her a job. For the next five years, she had worked as hard as she could, saving up all the money and tips that she made.


With the money she had saved, Maggie was then able to find herself a nice but cheap apartment to live in. Also, she was able to apply for the country’s colleges with a loan and even managed to get accepted into one. From there, Maggie was able to get a degree in business and went on to start up her very own business, which grew to be very successful.

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One day, while walking down the street, Maggie saw a homeless man begging for money. Feeling a deep sense of empathy for his situation, she stopped and asked him if he would like to grab something to eat and drink with her. Just as Vincent had helped her in her time of need, the man agreed, and together they went to the nearest cafe.


Once inside, Maggie was able to get a better look at the homeless person and was surprised to see that it was her old boss, Vincent. The young woman was shocked. How had this happened to such a kind-hearted man? She asked Vincent why he was on the streets, and he explained that his business had sadly gone bankrupt, and he was kicked out of his house by the landlord for not being able to pay his rent.

Maggie was heartbroken for the man. He had been so kind and generous to her. She knew then that she needed to help him. She offered for him to stay at her apartment until he was able to get back on his feet. She even offered to give him a job in her company. Vincent was overcome with emotion and accepted her offer graciously.


It didn’t take long for Vincent to get back on his feet and start making a living for himself again. Luckily, this time both he and Maggie stayed good friends and often helped each other out with their businesses. Soon, they were both thriving and couldn’t be happier. It just goes to show that with a little bit of kindness and empathy, you could end up changing somebody’s entire life.

Maggie and Vincent’s story of friendship and resilience spread throughout the community. People admired their determination and the way they supported each other. Inspired by their journey, others started reaching out to help those in need, creating a wave of compassion that transformed the lives of many.

Maggie and Vincent continued to grow their businesses and became advocates for social causes, working together to support homeless shelters, job training programs, and other initiatives to uplift the less fortunate. Their story became an inspiration, reminding everyone that no matter how difficult life gets, there is always hope and the power to make a positive difference.


So remember, never underestimate the impact of a small act of kindness. It can have a ripple effect that touches lives far beyond what you could imagine. Let us all strive to be a source of compassion and support for those in need, just like Maggie and Vincent.

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