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He Framed His Wife And Put Her in Jail, Taking All Her Money But he never Expected What Happened Next



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Ava was staring at the door; today was the day when she would finally be able to get even with her husband. Her eyes glittered with malignant fire; how long she had been waiting for this day. She heard the sound of the door opening; that was it. For two long years, she had been waiting for this, and now her heart was pounding in her chest.

Her things were piled up on the bed; there was a plastic bag nearby in which she was to pack everything. A uniformed woman entered the room, “Bag and baggage, Shiva, out you go!” The warden smirked. Following her, Ava gave no reply. She walked with her head held high; she no longer cared what was being said behind her back. She had her share of bad luck, but it was time to get even with those who turned her life into a living hell.


She was looking straight ahead, but the events of three years ago were flashing before her eyes. Ava and Olivia were successful businessmen; after they got married, things immediately went uphill. There was a dark side to their success, though, because it also brought discord into their family life. Ava knew everything about the romantic adventures of her husband, but for the sake of their business, she put up with everything. It hurt her, but she still remembered her husband the way he was when they first met. Back then, they were simple people in love with each other.

As years went by, however, love slowly disappeared, giving way to habit. However, Ava still trusted her husband when it came to business. She signed all the papers that he presented to her without so much as looking into them, and this ultimately destroyed her. Her whole successful and happy life was gone in one day. On that day, she found herself in court, accused of serious fraud and concealment of monetary resources, and was sent down to prison. She was framed by her own husband, who presented fake documents.


The trial did not last long; her husband testified against her, and prepared, she could not find a good lawyer. Most likely, the husband bribed the court because the verdict was returned surprisingly quickly, the judge pinning all the blame on her. She didn’t even have time to understand anything; the shock of what was happening kept her in a daze for a long time. When she was sentenced to five years in imprisonment, she came back to reality, but it was too late.

But over the two years she spent in jail, she created herself from scratch. Now she was no longer the frightened girl who could not stand up for herself; she now had the strength that she had nurtured in herself. For her good behavior, she was released on parole, and now she was hungry for revenge, and Olivia was the main person to whom she was eager to present her new self.


Ava thought about all this while they were handing her things to her. “Good luck, cutie,” the warden slapped her on the shoulder. However, when Ava found herself outside the prison gate, she could not take a single step. Fear gripped her again; for two long years, she had been nursing a plan of revenge, and now she was afraid that she would not be able to go through with it. She stood there motionless for nearly five minutes, and then she saw a familiar figure approaching her. She sighed with relief, “Thank God he’s here.” She ran to meet him, and he also quickened his pace.

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A few moments later, they met, and the man took her in his arms, “Ava, I don’t believe this finally happened!” Ava buried her face in his neck, at the same time, given a nervous laugh. He had been waiting for this moment as much as she had; it was Lucas, a friend of her husband’s.

Right after she was jailed, he started visiting her in prison. He believed she was not guilty, and he knew that Olivia was not as innocent as he always pretended to be. The fact that Lucas had long been partial to Ava also played an important role in this affair, but he never talked about his feelings.


It was only a year after his visits began that he confessed how he felt about Ava, and by that time, Ava was more than just grateful to Lucas. They fell in love with each other; she in prison, he at large, but nothing was stopping them now. “I was afraid he wouldn’t come for me,” the girl whispered.

The man held her even harder in his arms, “How on Earth could I not come? And I’m not letting you go now.” Ava inhaled his scent and sighed contentedly. When she was in jail, she began to find out interesting things about her husband. Lucas was a close friend of Olivia’s, and he knew a thing or two about his scams.


It was Lucas who told her that Olivia started all this because of his lover; he wanted to snatch a part of the business that Ava owned. It was with the help of that woman that her husband came up with the evil plan and got Ava jailed.

When Ava found out about it, she vowed to take revenge on him, and Lucas helped her in this. He had often visited Ava and Olivia’s house; however, the husband was unaware of any relationship between the two. He did not monitor Ava’s life in prison, and consequently, he did not know about Lucas’s visits.

After the trial, he divorced Ava, and now he didn’t care about her fate. “Let’s get out of here; I want to take a shower after these walls. It seems to me that I’ve become permeated through and through with this rotten prison smell,” Ava wrinkled her nose.


Lucas left, “What are you talking about? You smell better than any woman in the world.” He kissed her forehead and then opened his arms, releasing her from his embrace. Ava laughed, enjoying the sound of her own laughter in the open. Now her fate was in her hands; she could laugh when she wanted without being afraid of the shouts of the evil warden.

Holding hands, they walked to Lucas’s car parked nearby. Ava was dreaming of a hot shower and a cup of coffee. After a while, she was already sitting in a chair at Lucas’s place; her chair was damp. She was wrapped in a Terry dressing gown, holding a cup of coffee in her hands. She enjoyed the first sip and then blissfully closed her eyes. Then, finishing her coffee, she resolutely put the cup on the coffee table and said, “And now I want you to show me these papers. I have to make sure that everything has gone as planned.”


Ava clenched her fists impatiently. Lucas was fondly looking at her; this woman had been driving him crazy for a long time. For so many years, he kept his feelings to himself. Lucas’s sister worked for Ava and Olivia’s company, and he not only often visited their house but also had a habit of coming to their office.

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He told everyone that he wanted to see his sister at work now and then, but the real reason behind his visits was Ava. He secretly admired her, dressed in a business suit with documents in her hands. She gave him a thrill that no other woman in the world could give, and now Ava was sitting in his armchair, in his dressing gown. Isn’t this true happiness?

He took out a few papers from a small safe in his closet; he carefully brought them over to Ava and handed them to her. Ava picked the papers up with a smile; she knew that they were Olivia’s undoing, and she savored every moment of holding his fate in her hands. She looked at Lucas again with a smile, “Tell me more about how it all worked out in prison.


I couldn’t ask you for details; please tell me.” She took his hand and pulled him to the floor beside her. Lucas smiled and began to tell, “My younger sister couldn’t refuse me. She also believed that you were totally innocent, so I promised her that we wouldn’t walk out on her when everything would happen. She is a part of our team, and we will take care of her.”

“I gave her these documents, which she had to slip in for his signature at that moment when I was in Olivia’s office. He was telling me about yet another lady that he conquered; he was totally full of himself at that moment. My sister came in; she slipped him a bunch of papers that he had to sign.

He was so relaxed after he got you jailed that he didn’t really keep track of the company’s affairs so much anymore. That’s when he signed all these documents without so much as reading them,” Ava closed her eyes blissfully. “Yes, now he will pay for all his scams. He would pay in full for what he had done to her; she would try to make it as painful for him as it gets,” she opened her eyes and looked at Lucas. She was destined to meet this man; she had known him for so many years, but she had no idea of his feelings. First, she was too obsessed with Olivia, and then there was the pain of his betrayal.


Ironically, it was only after she was jailed that she was able to see things clearly, and that’s when she saw something in Lucas’s eyes that made her inwardly shudder. He helped her so much; he betrayed his friend in order to help the woman he loved, a woman who did not even promise him anything. She leaned over to Lucas, putting her arms around his neck, and then said softly, “I love you, and I want to be with you when it’s all finished. Will you marry an ex-con? I have no right to ask you about this, but I need to know, and I want to know this right now.”

Lucas cupped her face with his palms, “I will never leave you. I’ve been dreaming about this for years. Of course, I want to be with you, but if you want to hear a proposal from me, then here it is: Will you marry me?” Ava laughed, “Yes, I do.” They merged into a kiss, and then something happened that both of them had been longing for, for a long time.


The next day, Ava in a beautiful pantsuit approached the tall building where the company’s headquarters were located. She was wearing stunning high-heeled shoes, and she felt confident. She carried a folder with copies of the documents; she was ready to confront her ex-husband when she entered the office. A deadly silence fell; no one stopped her when she opened the door of Olivia’s office. She walked in confidently and closed the door behind her.

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Olivia was sitting at his desk and was talking to someone on the phone, “Yes, of course, I’ll pick you up tonight, baby. You will tell me everything. I’ll call you back.” Olivia stopped in mid-sentence when he saw Ava standing in the middle of his office. He turned pale and then silently hung up the phone; his face was contorted with a mix of fear and anger, “What the heck are you doing here, and why were you allowed in here without permission?”


Ava grinned and then walked over to the table; she sat down on a chair, crossed her legs, and put a folder of documents, “Probably because I own this place, or maybe because everyone knows that you are the main fraudster here and not me.

” Olivia clenched his fists; his anger grew by the second, “You know what? I don’t care what others think, much less you. You’re not my wife anymore, and you’re nobody here either. Now get the hell out of here. You got released from prison early, fine, but now why don’t you do a good thing and go your own way? Otherwise, I’ll put you in jail again, and for much longer this time.”


Ava smiled sweetly, but there was ice in her eyes, “You don’t know what you’re doing. Trying to kick me out of here, and trust me, you’re in for a big surprise. Anyway, I am prepared to tolerate your rage because it will be justified. You sent me down while you were having fun with all your women, and now it’s my time. Now you’re going to have a taste of what you made me go through.”

Ava slowly opened the folder with the documents, pulled out some papers, and put them on a table in front of Olivia, “I asked you to take a look at these papers. Destroy them if you like. These are copies; the originals are with my lawyer, who would represent my interests in court. Whatever you do now, it will all be used against you in the future. That’s why I say right away, if you so much as lay a finger on me, you’ll go to jail for the rest of your life.”


Olivia frowned and picked up the papers. After studying them, he raised his eyebrows in amazement, “Is this a joke?” Olivia stared at his ex-wife in disbelief. Ava leaned closer to the table and whispered, “You taught me two years ago that there was no room for jokes in this life. I was a good student, wasn’t I?”

A few months later, Ava married Lucas. She was now the rightful owner of her company; she also took her mansion from her ex-husband and his expensive car as well. Olivia was left with nothing; he disappeared from her life as if he had never existed.

According to all the documents, it was proved by the court that he voluntarily wrote a waiver of all his property and his company in favor of Ava. This time Ava won and celebrated it with her new husband, who helped her to find herself again.

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