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Dad and Mom Went Shopping, Two children advise the ice cream vendor that their parents will never Return



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A Lady named Courtney who worked as a waitress in an ice cream shop at a big mall. One day, while she was working, she noticed two children sitting by themselves in a booth. She felt surprised because they had been there for a long time, even after her shift had started. Courtney soon realized that these children had been abandoned by their parents.

You see, sometimes people don’t understand how precious and important children are. They might think of them as annoying or a bother, and some even treat them like they can be thrown away. Sadly, that’s what happened to these two kids, Tommy and Claire. Their own parents left them all alone in the busy mall, which made Courtney really sad.

Courtney first noticed Tommy and Claire when she brought them two big banana splits that had been ordered and paid for by a lady wearing sunglasses. Courtney thought it was strange for someone to wear sunglasses indoors, but she didn’t pay much attention to it. As the day went on and the shop got busier, Courtney noticed that the two kids were still sitting in the same booth even after her shift had ended.


Worried about the children, Courtney approached them and asked if they needed anything else. Tommy, the polite little boy, said they were okay. However, Claire, the little girl, looked up at Courtney with tears in her eyes. She needed to use the restroom, but she couldn’t go alone, and Tommy couldn’t come with her. Claire explained that their mom and dad went shopping to get them special presents, which was why they were taking so long.

Courtney started to understand that something wasn’t right. The kids’ parents hadn’t come back, and they couldn’t stay in the ice cream shop alone. She talked to her coworker and told them about the situation. Courtney said that someone had left their kids behind, expecting others to take care of them. She asked her coworker to watch over the shop while she took Claire to the restroom.

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After helping Claire wash her hands, Courtney asked the children more about themselves. Claire shared that they were adopted by their parents after living in a foster home. Courtney was surprised to hear this and thought they were waiting for their parents to return. But the truth was, their parents had abandoned them, pretending to go shopping for presents. It made Courtney really sad to think that their own parents would treat them this way.

Courtney suggested to the children that they wait outside in the food court, hoping their parents would find them there. However, Tommy insisted they wait inside the ice cream shop, believing their parents would come back soon. Courtney explained that it wasn’t safe or allowed, so they agreed to sit at another table where they could still see the shop.


As time passed, Courtney realized that their parents weren’t coming back. She felt worried about what to do next. She made a phone call to the mall security, explaining the situation and asking for help. The security team quickly responded and advised her to call the police.

When the police arrived, they brought a kind lady from Child Services to help the children. Courtney shared the whole story with them. The police and the social worker tried their best to comfort Tommy and Claire and convince them to go with them. But Tommy was scared and insisted that his parents would return. It was a difficult situation, and the police decided to call an ambulance to take the children to the hospital.

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Courtney went along with Tommy and Claire in the ambulance, hoping to offer them some comfort and support. Once they arrived at the hospital, a doctor examined the children. Thankfully, Tommy was healthy and doing well. But the doctor had sad news about Claire. He discovered that she had leukemia, a serious illness. This meant that Claire needed immediate medical treatment for her condition.

The doctor spoke to the social worker and asked if Courtney was the children’s guardian. The social worker confirmed that Courtney was not their legal guardian but had been taking care of them since they were abandoned. The doctor explained that Claire’s leukemia was a serious illness that required specialized care and treatment. He expressed concern that their parents had left them without considering the burden of Claire’s illness, both emotionally and financially.


Courtney couldn’t believe that anyone would see these sweet and precious children as a burden. She felt a deep sense of love and responsibility towards Tommy and Claire. That night, as she lay in bed unable to sleep, her mind was filled with thoughts of the children. She knew that she couldn’t just stand by and let them face these challenges alone.

The next day, Courtney went to visit Tommy and Claire at the hospital. She sat by their side, holding their hands, and spoke to them with a gentle voice. She told them that even though she couldn’t provide them with a home at that moment, she wanted to be their big sister. She promised them that she would always be there for them, no matter what.


Tommy and Claire looked into Courtney’s eyes, searching for sincerity and love. They saw the genuine care and compassion she had for them. Tommy, who had learned not to trust easily, asked Courtney if she would ever leave them. Courtney smiled warmly and reassured him that she would never, ever leave them behind.

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Courtney stayed true to her word. She continued to support Tommy and Claire throughout their hospital stay and treatment. She became their constant source of love, comfort, and stability. She helped them understand their illness and provided a shoulder to lean on during difficult times.


As time went by, Tommy and Claire’s bond with Courtney grew stronger. They started to see her as their family, their big sister. They felt safe and loved in her presence. Courtney became their advocate, ensuring they received the best medical care and supporting them in every way she could.

Five years later, after Courtney graduated from college and secured a good job, she decided to take the ultimate step. She officially adopted Tommy and Claire as her own children. The three of them became a forever family, bound by love, resilience, and the shared journey they had endured.

With Courtney’s unwavering support and the medical treatment Claire received, her leukemia went into remission. It was a joyous moment for the family, a triumph over the challenges they had faced together. They celebrated this victory as a testament to their love and the unbreakable bond they had formed.


Tommy and Claire blossomed under Courtney’s care. They thrived academically, emotionally, and socially. They were no longer defined by their past but by the love and stability they found in their new family. Courtney’s love and dedication transformed their lives, proving that family is not solely defined by blood, but by the love and commitment we share.

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