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Old Widow Travels to Another Town and Runs into Triplets Who Look Like Her Late Son And She Was Shocked



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“An elderly widow travels to another town to fulfill her late husband’s final desire, but things take an unexpected turn when she meets a trio of five-year-old triplets who resemble her late son.

Dorothy Weaver had been reduced to a sad soul after the death of her son, Derek, 17 years ago. But things quickly began to get even more difficult for her when her beloved better half died three months ago of a heart attack. Morgan Weaver was a huge man with a broad grin, who had helped Dorothy cope with the loss of their son.

Dorothy was back in the same position now that Morgan was gone as well—sad, lonely, and heartbroken. Dorothy did not leave her house or speak to anyone for more than a month after Morgan had died.


Yet one morning, she realized she had been so preoccupied with her sadness that she had completely forgotten about Morgan’s deathbed desire. Of course, he wasn’t saying anything as he lay on a hospital bed surrounded by the stink of hospital medication, but she couldn’t get that expression out of her head because it was the last thing Morgan smiled at her. “Please stop saying such things, Morgan,” Dorothy gently reprimanded.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” and “I’m not going to grant any of your ridiculous wishes. You’re free to tell me whatever you wish after you’ve recovered and gone home.” He let forth a faint laugh. “Please, honey, pay close attention to what I’m saying. I’d like you to travel to my hometown and look for a woman named Linda Fleming,” he wheezed. “You must beg her.” He abruptly started struggling to….CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE..>>>>>

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