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She Told Her Cousin In Front Of Their Family That Her New Boyfriend Is Old Enough To Be Her Dad, And Her Cousin Didn’t Like That At All



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A young woman has a 22-year-old cousin whom she used to be best friends with back when they were kids.

They remained best friends too after they became older, but then two winters ago, that all came to a screeching halt.

Every single time her cousin finds a new guy to date, she ghosts everyone in her life except for the guy.

Due to that and some previous problems she had with her cousin from two boyfriends ago, she stopped being best friends with her cousin.


Her cousin then got into a relationship with her latest boyfriend right after New Year’s.

Her cousin really didn’t share a lot of details about her new man. Then, her cousin changed her social media picture to be one that showed her new boyfriend.

So, with new information in hand, she decided to be an internet sleuth and look up her cousin’s new boyfriend

This is when I found out how old he was and that he has kids from a previous relationship,” she explained.


“His oldest I believe is 14 and youngest looks to be around 10. At the end of January, it was our first time seeing each other since last summer.”

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