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He Went On An Awful First Date With A Woman Who Acted Like It Was Bothersome To Be Out With Him And He Couldn’t Believe She Had A Great Time Since He Didn’t



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A man has a former female coworker that has been really invested in attempting to get him to go out on a date with one of her friends.

His former coworker has been at this for some time, and he finally caved and said he would go out on a double date with his former coworker, his former coworker’s fiancé, and this friend of hers.

The date happened about a week ago, and in the days leading up to the date, his former coworker told him that her friend was so very thrilled to get to go on this date with him.

The evening of the date arrived, and he got to the restaurant they agreed to go to at a couple of minutes before their meeting time.


Suddenly, his former coworker phoned him up to say that she could not make it and neither could her fiancé.

His former coworker mentioned that she was positive her friend was still on her way to the restaurant though.

While this might seem fishy and like a ploy to get him to go on a solo date with this friend, his former coworker’s sister is expecting and the whole family thought her baby was coming early.

So, he waited, and then his former coworker’s friend showed up. It was just the two of them for the date that night.


“When I met her a few minutes later, however, she absolutely didn’t look excited to meet me,” he explained about his former coworker’s friend

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