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She Met A Guy On A Dating App Who Talked About Himself For Hours On End, So She Ended Things With Him But He Accused Her Of Leading Him On



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A 26-year-old woman met a 29-year-old guy through a dating app that they were both on. They started talking on the app, before exchanging numbers and moving things over to phone calls.

She wound up talking to this guy on the phone for 3 evenings straight; their first phone call lasted 5 hours, their second call 6 hours, and their third call a shocking 8 hours.

Yes, she spent 8 hours on the phone with this guy in one night alone. The first two evenings she chatted with him on the phone, she thought their conversations were wonderful.

It was easy to talk to him on those nights, but for their 8-hour-long phone call, everything shifted quite a bit.


“…He would tell stories about his life but they would last for like an hour straight,” she explained. “I figured he was just excited and word vomiting, and I was excited too.”

“We went on a first date and it was really good. Got dinner, saw a movie, he was super sweet and respectful. All was going well.”

This guy didn’t live close to her at all, so they continued talking over the phone in between making plans for date two.

Following their first date, it dawned on her that this guy would just go on and on and on about himself and his life for hours on end while they were on the phone.


He never let her get a word in, and he never asked her questions or let it be more like a conversation than a monologue

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